November 16, 2016 00:06

How to choose the drive .

Often enough motorists reflect on the question, with which the drive to buy a new car.There are three types of cars drive - rear-wheel drive (classic), and front wheel drive.

Rear-wheel drive is considered a classic.This is due to the fact that the first cars were rear-wheel drive and is used for many years, this is only a vehicle to bring the scheme into motion.It has a number of advantages: almost perfect weight distribution, the lack of inertial effects wheel drive Steering elements, which allows to control the trajectory of jewelry.Also, the sudden start going back further loading (leading) axis of the car as it crouches to the rear wheels, which, in turn, allows you to quickly pull away.It is for this rear-wheel drive so fond of athletes.However, with all its advantages and rear-wheel drive has a number of inherent, unavoidable, drawbacks.It is difficult and expensive to manufacture cars with rear-wheel drive heavier than their classmates with front wheel drive.Also bodywork of cars with rea
r-wheel drive has a central tunnel extending through the cabin virtually the entire length, which negatively affects the comfort of the rear passengers landing.And most importantly - cars with rear-wheel drive tend to skid the rear axle in heavy traffic conditions, especially in mud, snow and ice.

Front-wheel drive is currently used by more than 70% of its vehicles.Widely spread because of cheapness in production and much better directional stability, compared with rear-wheel drive structure.Also, the front-wheel car interior much more spacious and comfort.This is due to the fact that inside the cabin there is no propeller tunnel, because there is no universal joint itself - torque is betrayed by the gearbox, located in the engine compartment in front of the driver directly to the drive wheels via constant velocity joints (CV joints).But in the ointment is not no fly in the ointment - front-wheel drive is not without inherent disadvantages.Here the vibration of rigid bundles of the power unit with the gearbox and drives the driving wheels, the transfer of reactive force from the spinning drive wheel and the steering, as well as unloading of the front axle with a sharp start, which leads to slippage of the front wheels.But the most unpleasant - it is the demolition of the front axle during heavy discharge of gas in a difficult turn.That is, the front-wheel driving principles differ significantly from the rear-wheel control.

There is also a four-wheel drive vehicle and design scheme.In this case, the engine torque is transmitted to both the axis of the vehicle.This provides excellent stability and unique handling.There are two types of all-wheel drive - connected and always-on.Both have both advantages and disadvantages.

car with four-wheel drive in normal mode is monoprivodnom car (both front-wheel and rear-wheel drive), in which the drive for additional axle is connected only in emergency driving conditions, eg when driving on slippery roadsor aggressive cornering passage complex trajectory with a variable radius.The connection can take place both automatically and manually.It all depends on the design features of your car's transmission.

The car with permanent four-wheel drive torque is always transmitted on both the axis of the vehicle.That is, all four wheels are leading.Moreover, sometimes the torque can be automatically distributed between the axles depending on driving modes that provides the greatest possible safety and comfort.In practice, the car is ready to instantly respond to changing road conditions.Also vehicles with permanently active four-wheel drive offer maximum maneuverability.However, this type of road the drive to build and maintain.It is quite heavy, so is used in vehicles with powerful engines and heavy duty suspension and bodywork.So we'll have to forget about the fuel economy.But for the security and comfort you have to pay.

What type of drive to buy a new car - here everyone chooses.All types of motors have both advantages and disadvantages.It makes no sense to buy four-wheel drive SUV, if you need a car to move around the city from home to work.And if you travel a lot on long distance, and even de fan of sporty driving style, the all-wheel drive sports car - it's your choice.Also requires certain driving skills with a specific drive type.So, if you were transferred to the classic rear-wheel drive four-wheel drive car on a serious, do not be lazy and go through the simple preparation courses kontravariynoy his car.Good luck on the road!