November 09, 2016 00:04

How to get rid of red ants .How to deal with red ants

live under one roof with red ants household - this is clearly not the bright prospects.It is unlikely that someone will please this neighborhood.In addition, they bring more harm than it would seem at first glance.Infections, bacteria and dirt - eternal companions of those pesky insects.Therefore, if you find yourself in the house uninvited guests red, immediately begin to get rid of them.The longer you delay the cleaning of the room, the more difficult it will be to achieve the final result.

If you notice in the kitchen a few individuals of red bugs, do not rush to pluck the linoleum floor.The fact that the most important (female eggs and the uterus) can be located deep into a concrete wall, a window frame, even in a neighboring apartment.For a start is better to stop and try to track down exactly the place that we need.After killing all the ants but leaving at least one queen with a couple working, you risk getting a new litter in a few weeks.

To avoid the above mentioned situation is
to use only the most efficient and intelligent methods.One of these is considered to be the bait for ants.These red insects tend to transfer food from one mouth to the other and bring it in to the uterine nest.So, it is likely that a large number of individuals will be killed by poisoned bait.Besides its preparation does not require special physical and financial costs.Suffice it to mix a quarter teaspoon of boric acid pubic hair with two teaspoons of honey and a tablespoon of sugar.The resulting mass can be expanded in the lid and put in places of frequent meetings of ants.Such bait is necessary to stand for 30 days, the result is delicious.

Speaking of red ants, can assume any bait with sweet basis and including boric acid, or yeast.Since honey, jam or sugar great lure, and the other two components deadly effect on household ants.The proportions are not fundamental in all different recipes.

addition of liquid, used as bait dry.In some cases, they are more convenient, in the other - on the contrary.Alternatively, you can select the following recipe: 3 eggs, 1 teaspoon of sugar, three potatoes, a bag of boric acid.Eggs and potatoes cook and clean up after - grind into mush.Mix all the ingredients, roll tiny balls and put on the "ant" places.To change the balls every 10 days.It is important to comply with two conditions.First, cover the red ants fluid source (so that they could not drink the water), the second - to protect children and pets from tempting, seductive balls (when ingested they cause harm to the body).

No less popular method of getting rid of the insects using aromomasel.There are many flavors that, to put it mildly, do not like goose bumps.Spray from the sprinkler ways of their frequent movement solution with the following ingredients: ethyl alcohol and water (for 250ml), a drop of lavender and mint (20 k).

also important to know that the ants do not like the flavor of sunflower oil and totally hate the smell of lemon spoiled.Putting one such citrus in the kitchen cupboard, you get rid of cereals and sugar from the company red insects.Floors and skirting boards, rubbed with garlic, ants deliver considerable discomfort, but the owners also suffer from unpleasant odors.In the same category include turpentine, tobacco smoke, parsley leaves and tomatoes, grated onion.All of these components make the ants to leave your home immediately.

If you are not tempted by any of the above options, use one of the many tools for the control of insects.Fortunately, their variety is large enough to date, so you can choose more or less viable option.

Red ants in the house - this is a consequence of disorder, waste accumulation, rare disinfection of floors, or violations of sanitary norms.Try as often as possible to get out of the house to pesky insects did not come back to you again.