November 10, 2016 00:05

How to wean a child from your computer .Methods of weaning the child from the computer .The article gives advice on how to wean a child from your computer .

long pastime at the computer is not very useful for the body of the adult person and form, and what to speak of children or adolescents?Modern parents are often faced with a problem when the computer becomes an enemy to be fought for her child.The cries and entreaties often came to nothing lead, but only aggravate the situation by setting up a child against him.Still, you can try to change things and to teach the child to live in a different way - so that he was a real childhood.

First and foremost rule for each child in the family with computer equipment, must be such as: use a computer to use.This means that the time spent at the monitor should be spent not on stupid games and watching silly cartoons, while useful, educational stuff (games, cartoons, software).

Set strict time limits of sitting at the computer.Gradually shorten the stay in front of your monitor to a minimum.At first, the child will be difficult to cope with the fact that his limit, but if you do it regularly - get us

Often Involve your child in household chores, asking him for help, sometimes invent themselves interesting and feasible task for him.Be sure to encourage your child for a distraction from sitting at the computer.

Distract the child to any joint business.This can be an exciting trip, competition in the board game, a visit to the children's activities, Creative arts, a little trip.Demonstrate the youngest member of the family, as far as the outside world may be no less interesting than the virtual.

If you have a daughter, take her in any occupation, develop fine motor skills, perseverance and shaping the perception of beauty - it can be embroidery, weaving beads, painting.

Boys to stimulate mobility and activity classes.Encourage your child to visit the sports section, he shall choose one elective, which he seems most interesting.

sharply restrict the child from the computer and allows you to use them as a reward for his any significant success (good study, obedient behavior, high achievements on the sections or study groups, home care).

If a child is strongly tied to electronic toys and anything else does not want to do, try to download as much as possible his whole day so that the time to play the computer had no choice.

We can not predict how immature psyche responds to the virtual world and how the world can adversely affect just emerging personality.Try to protect your child from the computer, spend with them as much time as possible.Growing children will remember and cherish all the moments spent with you.