November 16, 2016 00:06

How to identify defective auto parts market .

comes a time when motorists have to change this or that item on his car.If the machine has a warranty, the spare part can be exchanged for a specialized service for free.If the warranty has already left or failure is not covered by warranty, you need to buy a new spare part.How to identify and buy the defective spare part, especially if the motorist decided to do it on the market?

not buy spare parts "with hands" at the uncle, who laid out their wares on the ground, assuring you at the same time that his original parts.Rather, he simply decided to earn extra money and took parts in the so-called "disassembly" - the place where dismantle old cars on the details.On all automotive markets have specialized pavilions, where you can buy one or another spare.Buy here low-quality item is also possible, so be sure to pay attention to these nuances.

Any spare part must be packed in the original packaging, and the whole game from the seller must present a certificate of quality.

Please note that there are no parts on the desired abrasions, chipped or rust traces.Some unscrupulous vendors can invest in the original package spare part, already were in use.Look carefully to see if the product fresh traces of paint, do not coincide in tone with the base color.It is possible that in this way were painted parts defects.

If you choose, you think the quality of spare parts and suitable to your car, ask your dealer or a cash receipt.If the seller refuses to give you this document, most likely, the goods had fake.Such parts, even if they are packed in the "original" packaging and have no external defects, it is better not to buy.

If you do decide to save money and do not buy spare parts from an authorized dealer, buy on the market, only those parts that do not directly affect the security of your car.It may be "wipers", or side view mirror, such as foot pedals.Those parts that affect driving safety (brake and steering), buy only in specialized centers.