November 10, 2016 00:05

How to get rid of black mold .Black mold .The article proposes methods for dealing with black mold .Choose the right !

special kind of moldy fungus, whose colony in a supportive environment to actively apply, in common called "mold".It can be red, green, blue, yellow, gray and black.Color mold depends on the conditions of its reproduction and distribution.Black mold affects our homes, most often because of a suitable environment for its germination.It has a devastating effect not only on the material on which it settles, but also on the human body.If your house is there even the slightest signs of black mold habitat, from her need to immediately get rid of.

1 Before starting the fight with this enemy Protect yourself from falling on you dispute it - wear protective equipment: respirator, goggles, gloves, clothing sealed.The room should be well ventilated - open windows to provide fresh air.

surface affected by mold, treat with soapy water and then carry out the machining of all the visible parts of the cluster of the fungus.All equipment used in these types of work, after the discard.

to kill any remaining spores of black mold all contaminated area will need to be treated with a special disinfectant biocide agent, all the work which should be done very carefully.

One of the safest and effective ways of dealing with black mold is tea tree oil.Mix one part of the oil and water, pour into a spray bottle, shake thoroughly and treat the resulting solution the entire skin surface.This method is very well established itself as an effective anti-fungal and anti-bacterial.

can use as hydrogen peroxide, borax, bleach or ammonia.But all these methods are aggressive in their chemical composition and, in addition to mold removal, can damage the treated surfaces and cause health problems due to emissions of toxic gases and vapors.

After treatment, disinfectant, apply to the whole area of ‚Äč‚Äčinfestation special primer antifungal action deep penetration.Allow to dry the entire surface and proceed to the top of the repair work.

Black mold - is a type of fungus that starts to develop in poorly ventilated, damp and wet environments.Make forced ventilation in the kitchen and in the bathroom, often ventilate all the rooms, include heaters to the air in the room became more dry.

If your joints are not sealed walls, slopes, and poorly insulated windows on their surfaces are constantly condensate is formed, and the heating system will not do - pay attention to the liquidation of these favorable for mold growth factors.

Get rid of mold will be possible only in case of elimination of the reasons of its occurrence.This fungus quickly mutates and adapts to any effect on him.In the fight against black mold main rule - to remove the cause, not the consequence.