November 16, 2016 00:06

How to return the hull .

Probably every serious and responsible driver must be aware of the risks of motor insurance.One of the leaders of this sector is considered to be Hull.This is a reasonable way to protect themselves, passengers and the car from an accident, natural disaster, theft, etc.There are cases where the policyholder for some reason wants to terminate the contract and get your money.But this procedure can be done, only carefully weighing every step.

1 The first thing to do - to look through the insurance contract.Carefully study all the items.Pay special attention to the section on termination of the contract.Usually, it is placed at the end.If the paper documentation is lost, please read the terms and conditions on the official website of Hull.

2 Next, make sure that at the time of termination of the contract does not act for more than ten months.Otherwise, you are unlikely to return to the put the money.

3 Carefully read the conditions under which the contract may be subject to avoidance.One o
f the most frequent causes of hull rupture considered a sale of the insured vehicle.

not losing too much time, go to the insurance company to compile the application.For the remainder calculation is made only from the time you filed a written statement.And remember that to terminate such a contract has the right to a policyholder, rather than his family or the new owners of the machine.

Prepare for the fact that when filling out the documents you will be required to specify the reason for such a decision.If you sell your vehicle, provide a contract of sale.After completing the application, contact the insurer to calculate the amount of the payment request to return.

warned in advance not to expect that the amount of the refund will be proportional to the year of action.Usually, insurance company reserves itself the sum of a few more than that laid in the ratio of the period.In its favor are calculated the money spent to conduct your business.

After completing the document, ask the company's employees to make a copy, and to assure her.Then you can expect payment within two to three weeks.In some cases, the funds are used, if there are any discrepancies or problems, the term may be somewhat delayed.

If you notice that the waiting period lasts more than a month, feel free to contact the court.In such cases, the judgment is always on the side of the insured.Sooner or later, you will still get their part of the insurance premium.

course, terminating the contract, you must be very careful and cautious in order not to suffer unnecessary financial losses.But still need to be vigilant, enclosing it.Since some companies require advance under a lot of nuances that simply does not allow you to get a premium, with the possible rupture.