November 10, 2016 00:05

How to get rid of bed bugs .How to bring bed bugs

It is still in the old apartments can be found bed bugs or household.And then, and another name is correct, but it is more correct to call them all the same bedding.Because bedbugs feed on human blood and its "black" thing to do at night when people are sleeping.And they live close to the places of rest: in bed, sofa, in the crevices of objects bedroom suite in the receptacles, and under the bedroom floor.

If you have found out the morning red dots on his body and on the sheets - traces of blood, then you may have settled in the bedroom bugs.Often people just panic and begin to destroy mattresses and pillows.But the first thing is to make sure that you are annoying bugs at one hundred percent.It is often taken for klopinye mosquito bites, which are also blood-sucking, and left on the body and the bed characteristic traces.

Remove bed linens and clean the mattress.Carefully inspect all the joints of the bed parts.If it really bugs you will see with the naked eye.If you do not see any in
sects themselves or their larvae in the bed and in any other secluded places bedroom, do not think that they are not.Perhaps they have not yet strong breed and hide so that you have not found them.

Then proceed as follows.Cover the bed with white linens and slide the alarm for 1 or 2 o'clock in the morning.At night, turn on the light abruptly, and if single individuals still left to fish, you'll see them on a white bed.

destroy bedbugs succeed only if we start to deal with them globally, ienot only in bed, but in the whole bedroom.All the furniture and the room need to handle chemicals from bugs and bed linen perestirat to "Boiling" mode in the washing machine.If the pillow on which you sleep, small size and can fit into the washing machine, it is recommended to wash them, too.There is often a problem that the filler can not stand too hot, then it is better to buy a new pillow.

If the mattress on which you sleep, you are very expensive, it can try to process chemicals from bedbugs.It is better to entrust the professional firms that are engaged in their destruction.But keep in mind that a mattress will be a long time to keep the smell klopinoy poison and a few days will have to sustain in the air for ventilation.You can still buy a new one?

Just as with a mattress, it is necessary to proceed with a sofa and armchairs.If you can not change the upholstery, then after it had been destroyed nurseries bloodsucking can be invited to the house specialists from other firms."Dry Cleaning at home" is going to clean all upholstered furniture and mattresses, and the smell of the pungent smell of poison for the bugs and leaves.

Unpleasant blood-sucking, bed bugs can significantly spoil the life of the inhabitants of the running flat.To avoid this, keep the apartment clean.Also, seal the cracks and repair all kinds of old furniture that bedbugs had no opportunity the next time to find secluded place to stay.