November 10, 2016 00:05

How to get rid of household bugs .Is it possible to get rid of bedbugs in the apartment.From home to get rid of bedbugs is necessary .We will give you tips on how to do it .

Home bedbugs annoy people are not as common as in the old days.General culture of life, including the life and sanitation is now at a very high level.Mistress clean-shining their homes with the help of the most modern hygiene, so well appointed apartment bugs live very rare.But in older homes, in cluttered homes, where unscrupulous people live, home bedbugs are still found.Can I get rid of the blood-sucking vermin?

Bedbugs can be displayed as an aggressive chemical agents, as well as traditional methods.Before output of parasites, you must install all of their habitats.Usually this nooks, such as: loose fitting skirting boards, picture frame, Enclosures, cracks in the walls, space for furniture.

All things and pieces of furniture, if possible, you need to move out and processed using steam vacuum cleaner, and then leave for several hours in direct sunlight or a strong frost.All joints bulky furniture that can not be taken out of the apartment, as is a steam cleaner to process first.Jus
t have to do and with the walls, baseboards and door barge.

After treatment with hot steam, roasting in the sun or freezing out in the cold habitats bugs need to carefully handle the chemicals.This may be sprays or aerosols, for example, "dichlorvos" "Karbozol", "Raptor".It is also possible to use liquid preparations such as "Primadid", "sulfoxide" "Formayt" and the like.Powdered - a "Neopin" and "Riapan".All chemicals should be used, strictly following the enclosed instructions.

may not be able to get rid of bed bugs at a time.Their development is cyclical, and drugs that will kill adults can not act on larvae.So we have to repeat the treatment several times.Again, in the instructions for each specific chemical reagents specified when you want to do it again.

From folk methods of treatment can be recommended places clusters of bedbugs home infusion of wormwood, a solution of acetic acid, kerosene or turpentine.But keep in mind that traditional methods can be recommended only if the apartment, there are single individuals who have not yet started to multiply.

Of course, the most effective method would be to destroy the bugs with special Sanitary inspection.In all Russian cities are public and private companies destroy bugs and other residential "guests" in a single operation.In the treatment of used trade chemicals acting on the larvae and mature individuals at the same time.However, such specialized sanitizing apartments will cost several times more expensive than the use of household aerosols and powders.But it also would guarantee that none of the bug in your apartment will not survive and will destroy all the larvae.

After the apartment has been completely relieved of bedbugs, it must be put in order.Repaired all the cracks, glue wallpaper, perestirat all textiles and hand over to the dry cleaners carpets and curtains.Discard the apartment all the unnecessary things that can be stored in the pantry and in the attic.Let your apartment is clean and comfortable!