November 16, 2016 00:06

As the pump motor drives .

Everyone knows that the foundation of our security - the brakes.The air can get into the brake system of a sealed car.The air from the brake discs can be removed if they bleed.The effectiveness of the brakes on that rise, and they will work stably and reliably.To perform this operation you need an assistant, to perform one of her uncomfortable.The role of the assistant is simple - to sit in the passenger compartment and press on the brake pedal.

What to prepare beforehand:

  • plastic container to drain the waste brake fluid;
  • brake fluid;
  • rubber or silicone hose;
  • key to pump the brakes.

Bleeding brakes can be scheduled and unscheduled.As soon as the notice that the brake pedal is pressed too "soft" or other changes in the braking system, so it is necessary to carry out repair work.Pound car on the lift or a viewing hole.With the help of the instruction manual car explore the features of its braking system.

If disks bleeding not related to the planned replacement of the brake fluid,
check the entire braking system, not excluding the pipeline.Examine also the internal part of the wheel housing, make sure there is no leakage.Fault detection, because of which hit the air brakes sealed hydraulic lines are eliminated.Now start pumping scheme drives.

bled the brakes, start with the wheel farthest from the master cylinder - GTZ.For example, the order may be: the right, then the left rear wheel, and then the front - right and left.Following this scheme, you are more effectively put out of the air brake system.

Prepare a simple tool with which you will carry out pumping the brakes.Take the hose (plastic, silicone, rubber), such that it is put on fitting the brake cylinder.Prepare a container - a glass or plastic.

pour brake fluid in the reservoir GTZ.Near each wheel brake bleeder valve clean from dirt.Remove the cap covering the nipple.The prepared plastic container pour a little brake fluid.Dip one end of the tube into the container, the other - to put the bleeder valve.

Give team mate very hard to press the brake pedal a few times, hold down.At the same time begin to turn on a little nipple.From a tank into the container through the tube begins to brake liquid.The presence of air in the system you specify for bubbles appear.Wrap the union, continue to the next wheel.Use the brake fluid in the Gulf of the system recommended by the manufacturer of the car.

can pump the brakes without a partner, but the work is more time-consuming.For this you need a syringe, container and lid of the brake fluid reservoir.The reservoir cap is inserted and tightly fastened by a sealant gun.Pre-dial the syringe some liquid.On the brake screw the tank made design.At the wheel, which will pump, unscrew the fitting.Attach the tank for collecting the waste liquid is pumped brake fluid syringe.

After pumping the brakes, check if the pedal will still be "soft", then bleed again or time to conduct an audit of the brake discs and pads."The failure of the" brakes often occurs due to wear pads and shoes.In this case, not worth saving.