November 10, 2016 00:05

How to carry the piano.

Each piano, whether it's a grand piano or piano, has a cast-iron frame, so this instrument is quite heavy and overall, which in turn causes difficulties in transportation.Besides this mechanism of a musical instrument is sufficiently sensitive to vibrations.When transporting pianos need to carry out some recommendations.

Preparing the piano to be transported is to remove the outer parts of the instrument and their packaging to avoid different damages:
  • bottom cover is designed to protect the pedal mechanism and the bottom of the deck can be removed without the use of screwdrivers, unnecessarily.often attached wooden or metal latch.
  • firing mechanism and can be removed by unscrewing the bolts, but it is not recommended to do this when moving, becauseit can be damaged if it is more likely to disconnect.
  • The top cover is attached is most often latches.
  • cover protecting the keys, attached with screws, so you need to use a screwdriver or screwdriver.

Each piano has wheels, but it is not
recommended to use them, becausebecause of the large weight of the tool easily breaks or is pressed linoleum, any flooring, such as parquet or laminate can be spoiled.

On the back wall there is the handle, but their use is also not recommended for long distance, high - to push off the wall, becausethey are not able to withstand a lot of weight for a long time.Moving from room to lorries produce better on strong straps two loaders to distribute the load evenly.If the building has no freight elevator, then while descending piano is not advisable to put in an inclined position on the steps to prevent damage to the bottom of the instrument.

If the vehicle load is not great for transportation, the piano is transported in a horizontal position at the rear, thanks to this tool while driving almost does not move.The upright piano is transported in specially equipped cars.It is important not to exceed the speed.

In winter, if the transportation is carried out on a long distance, it is desirable to transport the piano in a car with air-conditioning, in order to avoid cracking of the lacquered surface.Do not forget about the harmful effects of temperature changes on the tool.On arrival at their destination the piano should be warmed slowly away from heating appliances.

Unloading piano requires careful descent to the ground.Lifting tool on the floor - enough time-consuming process, there is also need to use straps and long boards to facilitate recovery.

A week after the delivery of a musical instrument in order to be the destination tuner services, asTransportation is always violates piano sound.