November 10, 2016 00:05

How to move a sofa .

on the couch comfortably lie down and rest, but in the complexity of transportation, he is second only to the piano.The easiest way to order trucks with loaders and specialists who quickly disassemble sofa, pack, will make it out of the room and loaded on the machine.But not everyone has the opportunity to apply to the transport company, and have to rely only on their strength.

Sofa assembled difficult to endure through the doorway and turn him into a narrow corridor.To ease the problem, disassemble the sofa to pieces.When disassembling mark the details of the mechanism.Do not forget that you have to build a sofa that is more difficult to perform.Well, if you save the assembly diagram, but most of it immediately sent to the trash can after purchase.To further not puzzle over where to attach unnecessary details, take a picture of the stages of disassembly.Photos will help you after the move.

Prepare packaging film.To avoid damaging the upholstery, pack all the parts in the first bubble fi
lm, then wrap the stretch wrap and secure with tape.If it is possible to carry the sofa without disassembly, packaging, pay close attention.The larger the load, the more it is likely to damage the upholstery.In such cases, except the film, even using a thick cloth.

Sofa, disassembled into parts, can easily be placed in the cabin of the car, folded backrest.Transportation on the couch undesirable trunk, but sometimes there is no other choice.With this method of transportation is important to correctly position the sofa and reliably fix.For fixing use special elastic cord with hooks or tape with the locks.In the carriage, observe the speed limit.It will not hurt once again to stop and check how the load is securely fastened.

If you carry on a sofa with a large transport van, place and fix the details so that they did not have the possibility to navigate through the machine.

After unpack transportation of the couch and start to assemble, yet not forgotten, it looked like a sofa to transportation.After all the trouble you can use the sofa to the destination and relax.

the carriage correctly choose transport, take care of the packaging and assembly observe the rules - then your best friend will delight you with more than one year.