November 16, 2016 00:06

How to paint the car with their hands .

During operation of the vehicle it is necessary to initially fine decoration, because there are small cracks, scratches, corrosion.And over time, the car requires a thorough painting.If you decide to do it yourself, keep in mind that the color of the car is shown in documents and can not change it!And if you simply decide to change the color of the car, you must first issue the relevant documents to the traffic police.

Before painting, you need to prepare the car.First of all, thoroughly wash and give to dry.Remove all that you can remove the bumper, lights, lamps, antennas, grille, handles, glass and other decoration.The hood and doors are removed, too, they are painted separately.

Now carefully inspect the car for scratches, rust, dents, corrosion.The most vulnerable places are the wings, racks, bottom, side skirts, joints parts.All problem areas must be well cleaned, where it should be - putty.Large require straightening dents, rotten place - welding.If major repairs or cardinal chang
e in the color of old paint must be removed.This can be done mechanically or by using a variety of ready-made paint destroyers.

After removing the old paint and repair of all the activities the car is primed.Before that, the car is cleaned and degreased using a cloth dampened with solvent.The primer is applied two to three times, by a compressor or the gun has to dry each layer (when dry it becomes visually opaque).Also, the vehicle can be covered with a special anti-corrosion coating.

Now he painting process.Ready to choose paint for this dilute it, observing the following proportion: for every 3 kg of enamel - 2 kg of soil and 1/5 of the resulting volume of the solvent.Before painting again cleaned and degreased surface of the vehicle must not be any dust or lint-free, otherwise the paint will fall unevenly.For a good effect of the paint is typically applied in three layers.For best use application "gun".Each layer must be dry, the viscosity of each successive layer of paint should be lower than the previous one.Apply start with bonnet, flowing back and forth motions.The distance between the spray gun and the surface should be 150-250 mm.After the painting process, leave the car to dry in the garage or another room, but not in the open air and the sun.Drying times from 24 to 36 hours.

final stage of the car correctly paint is polished.It is necessary, as the car after staining the dust settles.Polishing using abrasive paste and the special polishing machines, hand better not to do!

process of repainting the car seems not difficult, but requires some knowledge and patience.So before you get to work, carefully study the theory, and then without haste get down to business.