November 10, 2016 00:05

How to wash woolen garments .

Wool things cozy, soft and comfortable, warm in the cold season.Every man in the locker room there is at least 2-3 things.It is important to remember that the hair - a capricious material, requires special treatment.Especially it is important to wash and dry woolen clothes so as not to the village and not stretched, not become prickly and tough.

First check icon on the label, there was not a way to wash, hand or machine is permitted, can only be dry cleaned, the water temperature and the ironing.If the required information is not provided, it is necessary to adhere to the general rules of woollens.For many woolen clothes preferably hand wash.

2 Heat the water to 30 degrees.You can not wash woolen thing is too hot, as well as in cold water.In the first case, it sits in the second - is too rigid.Water take longer than for other types of items, such as cotton.Hard water is required to mitigate the soda (2 teaspoon per 10 liters) or special tool.

Inspect thing, if there is a spot,
it is necessary to bring them to soak with a special tool.Remove the clothes inside out.Dilute in a bowl with warm water and powder coat or baby shampoo.Good Beat the foam, and then put back the clothes.In no case, first put the thing, and then pour the powder on top.

clothes of wool is not soaked for too long, as little as 30 minutes, otherwise it will lose its shape.Do not rub or twist the fabric during washing, carefully handle it.Rinse in warm water several times, adding to the water in the final rinse softener woolen clothes or 1 tbsp9% vinegar in 5 liters of water.

thing to not deformed, it is equally important to dry it properly.No twisting, easy to squeeze water from it.Spread towel and roll in roll clothes to a towel to soak excess moisture.Ride a roll like a rolling pin several times.The thing is almost like a stroked.

wrung clothes spread out on a special oven, covered with a dry towel to the dryer from the bars on things no traces.If a dryer is not present, it is possible to spread out a towel on any smooth surface: on a table or on the floor.To clothes dry faster, it is necessary to flip and when needed to change a wet towel to dry.

If machine washing is permitted, then the washing must adhere to the following rules: Do not lay things too much at one time, about 50% of the normal amount, set the mode for wool or delicate, only use a special tool forwoollens and conditioner to soften hair.

If there is no certainty that the thing will not deteriorate from washing to retain shape and color, it is best not to risk it and give it to the dry cleaners.Especially the sensitivity required in dealing with cashmere and mohair.But if all the rules of the washing of articles made of natural wool can be the quality to wash them at home, without spoiling appearance.