October 19, 2016 23:03

How to repost in Instagram .Instructions for creating repost in Instagram

viewing photos in Instagram, sometimes there is a desire to make a repost to their page, to share experiences with subscribers.Negative same feature of the social network - that can not directly do repost - this function is not provided.But there are two methods by which most users publish images to your page from other accounts.

1 Screenshot

easiest way by which you can post it to their page photo with a different profile - a removal of a screenshot from your mobile phone.It's very simple - make a screenshot (in most cases this button to reduce or increase the volume, with the "Shutdown" key combination or the "Home"), which is fully visible picture, and look forward to the completion of the conservation process.

Go to the Instagram app and click on the camera icon.Open the camera, where the last picture will be shown.In our case it is a screenshot.

After his application will offer the choice to trim future publication.Your task is to make it exactly: the edge to take a screensho

t should coincide with the boundaries of guidance Instagrama.

In the next step you will be prompted to apply any effect or change the properties of the photo.If necessary, make the changes and click on "Next".

If you want to add a signature or mark the user in the image, it can be done in special fields.After you click "Confirm" photos will be published.

screenshots are made before will look like a complete picture.As seen below, the image is published, and is not any different from other posts.

Third-party programs

Togo same effect can be achieved by another method, using third-party applications that are designed specifically for the repost to Instagram.The only drawback of these programs is that after Fortress pictured watermark, which will need to remove the purchase of premium account.For example, consider an application with a service Instarepost Play Market.So, go on Google Market, and enter a search term, and then proceed to the application.

Click on the "Install" button and wait until the download is complete.Open the application.

Ā«Instarepost" will offer two variants of repost.If you need to do repost directly from the application, press the "Enter" button.Enter the username and password and go through the authorization system.

Instarepost copy Instagrama interface, and the user can freely search for the desired picture.When the image is found, click on the publication.Now below will be built "repost" button, and you should choose.

program offer decide on further actions: save photos to your phone, share on social networks or to perform a repost.Choosing the latter option and click on the icon.

The "Trim" is practically not involved, becauseimage in the form of a square.Click "Next" and process the photo.

proceed to the next step and add a caption, if necessary.After the publication of the photo would have on the page, but as mentioned above, the watermark will be displayed on it.

The application there is a second option for use of functions without entering the Instarepost.But for this you first need to log in Instagram, find the photo you want to copy and repost the link.

Instareposte Now select the option "Enter without login", copy the link in a special field and click on the button "Insert".

As in previous times, the application will display a window with options.Select the "Fortress".

pass a standard procedure for processing photos and publish the image.

In Play Store, there are many applications that can make repost in Instagrame.But almost all you need to buy a premium account, and all kinds of packages, to publish photos without watermarks.In this connection, it is most expedient to use the method to take a screenshot.