October 23, 2016 23:01

How to pay Aliekspress through Sberbank .The procedure for payment through the Savings Bank Aliekspress

Payments for "AliEkspress" can occur in various ways: through QIWI, Webmoney, Western Union, YandexMoney, using a mobile phone or bank card.Everyone can choose for themselves the best way.Sberbank also offers convenient payment options: Card or via the terminal.

have «Aliexpress» has a special section «Help Center», where you can find tips on payment:
  • how to make payment;
  • how to protect your payment;
  • like paying combinations payments;
  • in what currency to pay, etc.

You must first register with the «Aliexpress«, select the product, add it to your cart and then proceed to payment.To pay by credit card, go to the appropriate section and fill in the fields:
  • cardholder's name;
  • card number;
  • validity of the card;
  • SVV code on the back of the card.

After pressing the "Pay Order" Reserve money in the interim account.As soon as the customer confirms the payment, the money will be written off in favor of the seller.Confirmation comes via SMS.You will be sent the code to your ph
one to be inserted into the system.Consequently, the Savings Bank to the card must be connected mobile banking.To pay with a debit card, you must select the appropriate type of card and fill in the same details as in the previous paragraph.

You can pay by bank transfer.To do this, go to the link provided and fill in all required fields.

5 in the form of payment you can select a currency from the list below (euro, dollar, ruble, pound sterling).Note, however, that the conversion will take place automatically.

6 can be used to pay for the maps, which provide for the payment function abroad.For example, social Maestro card does not work.

Pay «Aliexpress» is possible and through Sberbank terminal.It is necessary to choose the payment method "YandexMoney", "Cash".The device will give you a code that must be entered in the terminal - then will charge on request.If you do not want to specify your real data, send the card number and personal information (surname, first name), it is possible to do otherwise.Attach the card to the Webmoney Sberbank and pay with a virtual wallet.To do this, you first have to throw money from card to Webmoney, and then pay.

In order page, you can find a lot of useful information:
  • postage;
  • order processing time;
  • duration of delivery;
  • the purchase price and the amount of purchased goods from this seller.

The Russian site «Aliexpress» (ru. Aliexpress. Com /) to make payments is very convenient.It's easy to find the right group of products from the menu on the left side, you can see the rights of consumer protection, to find the desired item by name.Below you can see the group purchases, premium products, read reviews about the suppliers.

After payment of the order, the system checks the payment.It may take about a day.During this time, the money will have already written off, but the order will be marked as unpaid.Worry about it not worth it.