October 23, 2016 23:01

Contact Aliekspress .How to find a solution on Aliekspress

Sometimes there are insurmountable situation on site Aliekspress when you simply need to contact the manufacturer or the argument is closed in your favor, but money is not returned, do not know where to turn for support.Then this article is for you.

Aliexpress support center is located at this link.Here you can find frequently asked questions that will help clarify the situation.If a solution has not been found, then contact them through the Help Center.It should be noted whether the information is useful or not.

chat with aliekspress operator can press the button "Internet Service" (p.2).Payment Questions addressed here.

Online chat.Here it is necessary to wait for their turn, and chat.During the live communication can also attach a photo, record a chat on the chat.Such communication is most productive, as sometimes months have to wait for delivery of the goods or response in the event of a claim.In the further course of the Care online chat can be resolve
d soon, may prompt you to plan further action in a given situation.However, the need to communicate, persistently seeking answers and solutions to various leading questions.

interesting questions you can ask or find on the site's forum.In addition, the page Support Service can be contacted on-line around the clock with EVA - the virtual robot agent.To link with the operator, select your question.If using virtual online advisor does not work, at the bottom of the window there is a question «How to get live help?», Which will communicate with a live person.

5 How to contact the seller through the site are several ways to contact the seller.First - communication through the site.To do this, go to the page of goods already purchased, or one who only want to buy, pressing the button "Send Message" or on the little yellow envelope in front of goods data.If the seller is online, he can respond directly to your questions.If it is not on the network, then it answers later, and can and does ignore your appeal.If desired, the response may come to the electronic box.Also on the seller can file a complaint.

Typical questions about the product from the seller:
  • there a discount on goods;
  • Refine your shoe size, clothes;
  • What is standard;
  • Request a wholesale price and the party;
  • Clarifying questions about the properties of the goods;
  • Change delivery method of production;
  • How fast can send goods.

second way - is go to the message center in your personal account.In your message, you can easily get through the message center aliekspress.Message length up to 3000 characters.

If the merchant network, the image next to the name displayed in yellow, the chat is available if gray - means the owner of the goods is out of network and it is not possible to communicate via chat at the moment.When you move to the seller's name is displayed, "Chat with me".Clicking on the name, you can communicate with the seller and get specific answers to questions in real time.

Another way to contact the seller - write him a normal email.To do this, click "Contact now" or "Contact" in the transition to a particular order in the list of transactions.

So, all contact methods are described with aliekspress when a different character issues.Feedback is very important as an indicator of transparency in relations and friendly, comfortable communication, solve the current problems.