October 23, 2016 23:02

How to fix the record Vkontakte.Fix the writing on the wall VKontakte .This article describes the methods and features secure FaceBook entries on the page and in the group .

So sometimes need to keep an important record of the first on your page VKontakte.This feature can help to secure the post.

When on the page in the social network a lot of records, but there is very necessary that long to find, or so important that all friends and guests should see it, can help quite a new feature, "Secure Entry" on the personalpage.This feature appeared relatively recently and enjoyed great success.If you want to fix the record at the wall, the first step is to create, to do repost, or select the desired position.

Click on the creation of the the button "Attach" in the window that opens.

3 Close the window with the post.Record fixed.

4 Secure recording on a personal page can be another way.If you select a post, click on the creation of the post and in the window that opens, click again for a while.

page opens records on the wall.Here you need to click "Attach".Recording secured to first personal page.

If you then create a new p
ost or repost (no difference), then it will be displayed below the fixed.And so it will be with all of the following entries, and repost.

To unpin post a personal page, you must click on the time of the post and click "Detach" in the window that opens.

or open a post and click on the time.When the page opens "Writing on the wall" so, click on the button "Unfreeze".

After detachment recording automatically will be in its place, according to the time of creation.And the first is the most recent entry.

If control community and needs to be fixed on the wall recording group, select the entry and click on the time the record was created.

so, click in the box on the "Fix".

Or press at the time of the creation of records, and in the window that opens, then click on the "Fix".Recording is fixed to the wall of the community and from the top of the village.This closes a fixed record information about the community.It is not always convenient, but sometimes necessary.

choose a post and click "Detach" To detach the recording.

If the user uses the mobile offer, the principle of consolidation entries similar to that previously described (selected its record is pressed on the recording time and press the button in the window that opens, "Freeze." Detaches the same.

Interestingly, when you create a record, there is no way to fix it before you click "Submit". While this opportunity is lost by developers. secure the recording can be on your wall or on the wall of their community. Simple community members without the right leadership notmay fix a record on the wall. It is also not possible to fix the recording on another wall. Posted by another user position fix can not be a private page. That is, to consolidate post another host on the page is not possible. It is necessary to copy the information and create your identical post, and only thenYou can fix the record. If you fix the first one entry, and then do not unfasten the first, fix the other, the first automatically detach.If you undock another record, the first and still is not fixed.Opportunities to consolidate two recording or storing fixed records there.But still to come.

Secure recording on a personal page - a new and comfortable, is already a very popular option to display the desired information in a conspicuous place.Secure Entry VKontakte is very easy.