How to clean cookies .How do I clear cookies in browsers

Cookies (cookies) - small files that are recorded on a computer disk browser.They help to point out that it will be displayed on the web-page, perform client authentication.Periodically clean the cookies to get rid of some of the problems in the browser to remain anonymous at the entrance.Different browsers cleaning process is performed about the same, but there are some features.Here's how to delete cookies in browsers: IE, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera.

IE 7.0 for Windows 7. Select the menu command "Tools - Internet Options."Go to the "Browsing history" section, click "Delete."In the new window, select the check: «cookie files", "Temporary Internet files".Click the "Delete".For IE 8.0 series of actions a little different: "Tools - Internet Options - Security - Delete Browsing History."Put the boxes in each category deleted.For Windows 8, IE 11.0 algorithm for removing cookies in the screenshot.

Anonymous login to the site in IE provides InPrivate mode.It prohibits the opening of the site to record the cookie on the client computer.Call InPrivate combination «Ctrl + Shift + P».anonymity mode applies only to public web-site.After the closure of the window acting normal viewing.

Mozilla Firefox.Click on the browser icon, go to the "Settings ...".On the "Privacy" tab, there is a link "remove individual cookies", follow it.Click "Remove all cookies", then click "Close" in the next window.In more recent versions of the browser, follow these steps: Open the tab after the address bar, click the "Settings" icon, then "Delete cookies and stored data."Confirm the deletion by clicking "OK".

Anonymous mode in Mozilla Firefox can operate continuously.Cookies do not have to be removed becausesave them it will not be allowed to all sites.Perform the following steps: "Tools - Options - Privacy."Go to "Tracking" section, select "Do not want to be tracked."In the drop-down menu under "History," check "will not remember the story."

Google Chrome.Click "Settings Management" (indicated by three horizontal stripes in the upper right corner).Under "Settings" click the "Show advanced settings" Hereinafter, select the subsection "Personal data" tab that contains the "Content settings ...", go to "All cookie and site data" and then click "Delete All", and then -"Done."

6, Google also have the opportunity to anonymously surf the sites.Sign incognito by a combination «Ctrl + Shift + N» buttons.After traveling on the web-sites of computer cookies do not remain on the disk, but the system administrator and the provider will be able to keep track of your actions if desired.

Opera.It is automatically set to "accept all cookies».To clean, open the menu by clicking on the browser icon.In the "Settings", select "Clear Private Data ..."."Clear Private Data" window opens.Tick ​​the "Delete all cookies».Click the "Delete" button - "OK".

privacy settings in Opera deletes information about the visited pages as soon as they are closed.Create a private in the main menu window.When a private window will be closed, all data on it permanently deleted.If you want to prevent tracking of your action, specify the appropriate media.In the "Settings" menu, click "Security".Check mark set in front of "Send the site title" Do Not Track "in the" Privacy "section.

information about deleting cookie in the other browsers will get, if they refer to the Help system.Note that if you clean the cookies, delete all the information on the web pages: passwords, usernames, all user data, settings.Websites are no longer "recognize" you.