October 31, 2016 00:03

What to buy in Italy.Is it better to buy in Italy.At that it is better to spend the money in Italy to remember the trip for sure .

Italy - a country where you can not only gorgeous to relax, but also to arrange a magnificent shopping.It is known that many well-known manufacturers of branded things are here.Therefore some souvenirs rarely limited during travel.So what you can buy in Italy?

clothes from the famous fashion designers at the best prices!

Dolce & amp;Gabbana, Prada, Gucci, Versace - this is not a complete list of well-known brands that have proven to the whole world.Fine fabrics, elegant design, the accuracy in each line will surely find an echo in the soul of every fashionista.And given the fact that twice a year, there are sales and discounts, buying things become real joy.In addition, the collection of past seasons can be bought all year round with markdowns in 30-70%.If a well-known name or brand is not so important, then it is quite suitable clothes from lesser-known manufacturers at affordable prices, while not yielding as products of famous fashion houses.

Leather products - highlight Italians

Buy luxury handbag, elegant shoes, belts, gloves or any other leather goods in Italy is not difficult.More than 100 years in the country are engaged in trim!Many factories are so refined its technology and the quality of their products at the highest level.Small secrets of which the Italians are silent, their products have made this standard, which is equal to the entire world.At the same price as the branded items, and similar from less well-known manufacturers will always be lower than the cost of products in our country.Beautiful bag in Italy can be purchased from 30 euros.

Sunglasses - chic Italian

If we consider only the fact that more than 1500 companies in Italy engaged in the production points, we can say with confidence - it is here that there are certainly the most spectacular and originalvariants.And even in spite of the fact that own glass house points can be cheaper, yet do not need to abandon the purchase.With its simple on the rim - and you come home is definitely a new way!

Watches and jewelry

Italy - the birthplace of many well-known enterprises for the production of watches.And even though the lead in this matter confidently takes Switzerland, yet the Italian products are in great demand.Beautiful, stylish, diverse and reliable, they will never lose its relevance.

real Italian gloss can find almost do not buy fur coats

Italians coats, because they live in a warm climate.However, the dressing is not the last place among the other types of work.Why buy a fur coat it is in Italy?Because the quality of the work will be much higher than in their home country.The price in this case will be more than affordable.The very light product, virtually weightless, sits perfectly on people with any complexion.

Gold Jewellery - a great tool to invest tastefully

Italy is the third largest exporter of gold jewelry.Thanks to the original design decisions, as well as a relatively cheap labor force, jewelry products are in great demand in the world markets.At the same time exports to Russia is 25% of the total output.

Wines and products

cheeses, honey, olives, sauces, cream, olive oil, pasta, coffee, truffles and many other products will certainly become much better than any gift, as well as allow to know closer newcountry.Fine Italians also love good wine, so even the cheapest bottle in the range of € 5 will contain a delicious drink, which at home can only dream of.

Italy - rich, beautiful and fascinating country.If you want to bring something really worthwhile, then do not waste your time on Souvenir.It is better to spend money on the delicacy than on another trinket that will be sadly gathering dust on the shelves.