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Holidays in Greece .Tips for a successful holiday in Greece

Greece attracts many tourists from all over the world.One day visit to the country, it is impossible to remain indifferent to it.The small village on the slopes of the mountains, the picturesque shore of the bay, wonderful cuisine and local attractions make Greece the ideal place to relax.But going to go in this truly paradise country, you should be familiar with it as best as possible and to choose the most suitable place.


Hellenic Republic is located in South-Eastern Europe.The capital is Athens.Official language - Greek, but in tourist areas people communicate mostly in English or German.The population is about 11 million people.Almost 98% of Greeks are Orthodox Christians.After accession to the EU, the euro became the monetary unit.The time difference with Moscow is only 1 hour.The transition from winter to summer time occurs simultaneously.


Greece Greece has a Mediterranean and subtropical climate.January temperature ranges from + 4 ° C to 12 ° C, in July - betwee

n + 27 ° C to 30 ° C.In summer, there is practically no rain.They are mostly in the winter, which lasts very long.If it snows, it melts quickly.Mountain areas are characterized by a central part of the Alpine (cool) climates, and the north-east - is moderately continental (cold winters and humid summers).The swimming season begins in mid-May and ends in October.Velvet season is from September to October.With proper planning, recreation Greek climate allows relax at any time of the year.

visa to visit Greece

To visit the Greek people in Russia need to obtain a Schengen visa.A tourist visa can be issued independently or in a travel agency.For the self-registration should contact the Consulate General of Greece in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Novorossiysk.On the territory of the Russian Federation there are many visa application centers, where you can also apply for a visa.Applications will be forwarded from there to one of the three General Consulates, depending on the feed point.List of required documents for submission and addresses of the visa centers can be found on the official website of the visa service center in Greece.

Customs regulations

To travel is not marred itself an unpleasant surprise, pre-check with the customs rules in Greece:

  • Russian citizens are allowed to import no more than 10,000 euros.On exportation of currency without restrictions.
  • adult persons traveling from Russia without paying taxes allowed to import 400 cigarettes, 100 cigars, 200 cigarillos or 500 grams of tobacco;1 liter of spirits (over 22%) or 2 liters of weak;50 ml of spirits or 250 ml toilet water.
  • can not import drugs and some medicines without a special permit, weapons of any kind, toxic substances, pornography, as well as products containing meat or dairy ingredients.An exception is the special food for children or people with various diseases (not more than 2 kg).You also can not import more than 1 kg of products of animal origin.
  • forbidden to take items with historical value, such as various artifacts from the excavations of things, and so on. D. To be removed only allowed copies of ancient works of art that are sold everywhere.
  • Without special permission can not be engaged in the transport of plants, animals and birds belonging to endangered species.Plant products must be shown to employees quarantine service.Removal of animals is permitted only with the presence of an international veterinary certificate and with the help of Get vaccinated (issued not later than 10 days prior to entry).


Direct Flights from Moscow to Greece provide the company «Aeroflot», Aegean Airlines, «Transaero», UTair, from Saint-Petersburg - the STC "Russia".Some airlines fly from different cities of Russia with transfers (eg, Moscow-Riga-Athens).These include the Air Serbia, airBaltic, Pegasus Airlines, easyJet, Wizz Air, Ukraine International Airlines and others.

best resorts of Greece

traveling to the Greek islands always occur brightly.Each of them has its own history, a lot of memorable places and unique nature.Consider options for enjoying great popularity among tourists.

Halkidiki Peninsula has an interesting drills form stretched out in three peninsulas - Sithonia, Kassandra and Mount Athos.Many people like to Halkidiki for lush and bright green that is retained even in the height of summer (which is not true of the southern islands).Tourists expect sandy beaches, numerous hotels, infrastructure, interesting excursions and pine forests.Kassandra is worth visiting the ancient village of Afitos, observation tower and the thermal spa.At Seaton recommended to pay attention to the excavations of the ancient Olinfosa, the vineyards of Porto Carras and ancient villages - the Parthenon, Nikita and Sikii.Athos famous community of 20 monasteries and numerous monastic cells.Unfortunately, at the moment a woman enters to get banned.


This island enjoys great popularity among tourists.Infrastructure surprisingly combined with quiet villages and ancient ruins of the famous temples and palaces.The administrative center is the city of Heraklion in Crete, where you can visit the most important places - the Archaeological Museum, the Venetian Fortress Koules and Palace of Knossos.Among the memorable places of Crete Lassithi valley should be made, where you can witness the production of olive oil process, taste the wines and visit the pottery workshop and mountain monastery from the 14th century.The city is endowed with cozy narrow streets, with many squares, ancient churches and fountains.

Santorini Island in Greece is called a real highlight.He is known for the most delicious wines.Tourists admiringly describe delightful rock, on which the small white houses.Amazing black sand beaches and will long remain in the memory.On Santorini preserved imprints of one of the oldest civilizations - Cyclades.The tour can be done on foot, by donkey, ferry or cable car.Those whom this is not enough, you can go to the town of Akrotiri.There is an archaeological reserve and the ancient Catholic monastery, which also received a lot of positive feedback.

Rhodes Rhodes

It received the title of the pearl of the Mediterranean.Beaches on the eastern shore is sandy, on the west - shingle.Tourists are a lot of entertainment and clubs.The administrative center of the city in favor of Rhodes, surrounded by high walls and old gates.He beautifully conveys the entire Greek flavor - everywhere there are conifers, endless vineyards, picturesque valleys, citrus and olive orchards.History lovers will be interested to visit the castles and Monolithos Archangelos, ruins of the ancient city of Kamiros Rhodes and fortress.


Perhaps, this island has won the greatest popularity among tourists.It is very clean air, lush greenery, picturesque calm village.The best resorts are Messonghi and Moraitika.The city of Corfu is full of memorable places of different cultures in Europe.The eyes of the tourists appear houses with arcades in the Empire style, the famous Royal Palace and the old Venetian fort.Many travelers like to buy in the city of exclusive jewelry, pottery, statues of marble and alabaster, various vases and lace.If you want to bring back from Greece a good gift, check out this article.

best tour in Greece

Each resort in Greece is an interesting and unique.But there are special places that are worth a visit for every tourist.They will give an unforgettable experience and will leave the memory of a lifetime.We have compiled a selection of the best excursions.


City is not only the capital of Greece.It is here that there was classical Greece and western civilization in general.On inspection of all ancient monuments required about a month, but many tourists do not have this amount of time, so they should pay attention to the most famous sights.These include:

  • Acropolis;
  • Theatre of Dionysus;
  • Hadrian's Library;
  • Temple of Olympian Zeus:
  • Agora;
  • Tower of the Winds;
  • Ceramics Museum and numismatics;
  • Archaeological, Byzantine museums and the Cyclades.


City is the cultural capital of the country and a great place to relax.The best beaches are on the Prespa Lakes region.In the center of the city are the famous Square - Aristotle and Liberty.Among the most significant places can be distinguished Basilica of St. Demetrios, St. Sophia Church, White Tower, the royal residence, elegant urban waterfront.The local restaurants and cafes you can enjoy traditional Greek dishes such as pie with spinach and feta cheese, mezes, stifado, moussaka with potatoes, Loukoumades, nut rolls, and so on. D.


Some people call it the 8th wonderSveta.It is a monastic complex, which is located in the mountains Khasia on the tops of rocks.For the first time mastered Meteora Byzantine hermits in the 11th century, but these monasteries were built much later - in the 14-15 centuries (during the time of the revival of old spiritual ideals).From the walls Meteors opens fascinating panorama.At this point, you can enjoy privacy and receive spiritual salvation.

Greece has an indescribable atmosphere of magnetism, which can only feel the heart.This ancient country is happy to accept tourists and allow them to touch the history and beauty of their amazing world.