November 06, 2016 00:02

What to bring from Egypt .What souvenirs to buy in Egypt.The article explained in detail what the best souvenirs to buy in Egypt.

Going on a trip to any city or country, all of us want to be sure to bring some souvenirs.For the last few days of rest did not run to the shops and buy everything, better to make a shopping list.Now we'll tell you what gifts for yourself and loved ones can be brought out of Egypt.


Papyri - a picture painted on canvas special natural natural colors.Egyptian papyri different quality and price.If you want to present a product, not a cheap fake, buy a picture in a specialty store.There it will be several orders of magnitude higher than the tray on the street.But you will be assured of the exclusivity of the picture and its excellent quality.Do not forget to ask the seller a certificate if he refuses to give, then give up on such a purchase.On each papyrus is painted a certain story that ordinary Russian person it is difficult to decipher.Good seller is required to tell you that it involves one or another painted scene.

Essential Oils

In Egypt, they are sold in pharmacies and stor

es selling spices.These oils are divided into the cosmetic and medical.Cosmetic use for bathing, laundry fragrances, flavoring premises.Medical is able to treat headaches, increase immunity, to soften the skin, treat hair.When buying oil, be sure to consider its purpose and take better brand Isis.The most popular Egyptian medical oil - is black cumin, jojoba and aloe.Cosmetic is presented in a wide range - it all depends on the buyer's preferences.

Hookahs and Tobacco

Buy them can be in all the shops and stores.hookah size significantly affect its durability.Small souvenir and considered fail fairly quickly.If you want to smoke hookah, buy a large stationary.And if you need a water pipe to the room decor, that is fine and small.Before payment of the selected hookah check it in - the seller has no right to deny you this.And do not forget to buy a few packs of tobacco.

products of cotton

They in Egypt is very soft, gentle and high quality.Buy T-shirts, towels and bed linen.And be sure to dress-galabeyi women that can be worn at home instead of a robe.All cotton things you use more than one year, and they will long to look like new.

Leather seat cushions

softest leather, used to make upholstery cushions and beckons her to sit down.And the colors of pillows is so diverse that they can fit into any interior.Houses can be used as puffs or lezhanok.If you like unusual things, instead buy a special pillow leather saddle for riding on a camel.The shape is such that it can be successfully used instead of padded stools in front of a dressing table.


variety of plates, pitchers, cups, lamps, paintings.In Egypt, they are made in the technique of embossing, and all their drawings reflect the local flavor.Women like and certainly of blackened metal jewelry that can be worn even with light tunics, though with a cozy winter knits.


sure to get at least one of gold jewelry.Here they are made of high-grade gold with the addition of silver.Because of this precious metal from Egypt is considered higher quality than, for example, Russia or Ukraine.

Small souvenirs

souvenirs in the form of beetles skarobeev, head of Nefertiti, figurines of cats and different Egyptian gods enjoyed increased popularity among tourists.Also, friends and acquaintances can bring small figures of the pyramids, which, like the previous stuff, made of metal, granite, basalt and alabaster.Note that the bug must be skarobey with legs and a cat - not a snake around his neck.Beetle without legs in Egypt as a symbol of the burial, and the cat snake is not able to bring prosperity to the house.

Red Tea "Hibiscus┬╗

Rich, fragrant and delicious tea from the Sudanese rose flowers will be a wonderful gift to mom or girlfriend.And in his kitchen, he will come in handy when you need to cheer up and put in order the pressure.This tea is drunk both hot and cold - in any case, its taste is unforgettable.The best tea is considered to be of Egyptian Aswan, one of the hottest places on Earth.

10 Coffee with spices

at any coffee shop right in front of you is very finely pomelyut coffee and add the spices to your taste.The most popular in Egypt is considered coffee with cardamom, so be sure to buy it.A perfect complement could be a Turk of metal, decorated with Arabic motifs.


They in Egypt is so diverse, that can satisfy even the most discerning connoisseurs.Why are only the names: Delight, dates, chocolate, baklava, kunafa, halva, basbousa - and this is just a small part of oriental sweets.If you were so busy beach holiday that did not manage to buy the above gifts, the sweets will save you in any situation.They are sold all over the place, and even in the shops at the airport.So just before flying home, you can put in the bag "sweet memories" of Egypt.

In any country, and Egypt is no exception, we can find some very interesting things.Select one day and dedicate his shopping.Walk through the market, them carefully to choose the goods and souvenirs that will fit into your daily life.Let this be a papyrus or a jar with spices, but the pleasure from them you have to get to the next trip to a new country.