November 02, 2016 00:03

How to pay on aliexpress.Payment methods on aliekspress

online aliexpress store offers its users several payment options.What is and how to use them - you learn on.

1 Sign in to your account, go to the list of orders and in front of the right-click on the button "Pay now".On the next page you will be able to choose the most suitable payment method.Among the most popular in our country can be identified Qiwi-purse, WebMoney and with Visa and MasterCard cards.

will understand with the method of calculation through WebMoney: select this option from the list on the left, a window will appear with the message that this method can only be paid in USD (US dollars).However, this does not mean that if stored on WMR, then make a payment for the order is not possible on your WebMoney WMZ-purse is empty and all the facilities.On the contrary, the system will prompt you to automatically transfer the required amount in the desired currency without entering WebMoney.Select «WebMoney - fast delivery".

In the next step, enter your phone number, which i
s tied to your account in WebMoney, and five digits of the captcha, then click on the "Next" button.

If, as described above, the dollar is not enough, the system further actions in detail describe your means in the case of confirmation (how translate what the Commission).To come to your phone an SMS with the code combination digits, press «check SMS state», after enter the resulting value in the appropriate field.Below you must specify the password you use to access the system WebMoney.Confirm to pay.

the Load page, you will see a report on the payment, in which billing information and your seller.From here you can print electronically, and then print a receipt, and then to complete the payment, click "Back to the seller."In the event of a dispute may be useful receipt.In any case, keep it in electronic form to the receipt of the order.

If you prefer to pay via QIWI-purse, select one among the payment options, then enter the phone number corresponding to the wallet, and click on the button "Enter" to open the page QIWI.Make sure the payment method has been selected "Account Visa QIWI Wallet», and click on "Pay".In the next step, enter the password of the QIWI-purse, and now you will see how much money in rubles pay for the order and the amount given commission if you agree - click "Pay".On the phone will receive an SMS with a verification code, enter it in the appropriate field and click "Submit".Next scheme is the same: go back to the seller to complete the payment to make sure that the status of the order received to "waiting to be sent."

Algorithm in any case one: choose a payment method, enter your data, follow the instructions, agree to the payment back to the seller to complete the process and wait for the parcel.