November 09, 2016 00:04

How to go to live in the United States .On the move in the US methods .The article describes the features of legal means in the US move .

Every year in the United States come to the citizens from around the world.Some stay there forever.If you also want to carry out the American dream, he emigrated to the United States, then this material is for you.

Every year dvlottery a lottery where you can win a Green Card.To participate you need 60 minutes to fill in the application form and attach a photo.Applications are accepted in the fall.Winners are chosen at random, you can participate every year.It should be noted that winning the lottery gives the right to apply for permanent residence permits, but does not guarantee its receipt.If you plan to leave the United States in any certain time and do not want to rely on fortune, then this option will not fit.

You can go to the United States, get a work visa.Your chances increase if you have work experience in international companies, your specialty is associated with the sphere of IT-technologies and programming and you know very well English.Those who have gone to liv
e in the United States are advised to fill in the profile in the social network LinkedIn.It is possible to communicate with professionals and keep track of current vacancies.In addition, you can send your resume to the following sites:, and

US provides training visa.To do this, you must become a student of any educational institution in the United States, which will be ready to assist in the design documents.If you already have a college degree, you can apply for an MBA degree.Note that in this case you will have to be tested for English proficiency.The disadvantage of this method is that most of the training programs are not free.But you can get a grant to study or ask your employer to sponsor.

can be married to a US citizen.But do not do it solely for the visa.Each candidate will be several stages of interviews, if it is found that the desire to register their marriage is a fictitious character, you will be deported without the right of re-entry.Typically, the procedure for obtaining a visa in this case, the following:
  • Meeting with a potential partner.This can be done on the international dating sites or in social networks.
  • meeting on neutral territory, or a joint vacation.
  • Visa "Bridegroom" or "bride".On average, it takes about 9 months.
  • Moving to the United States, marriage registration and submission of documents for registration of a temporary Green Card for 2 years.At the expiration of two years after the marriage can apply for a residence permit or a Green Card for a period of 10 years.

If America is already living someone from your family, you can go to the program family recovery.The process is quite complicated, we consider only blood ties, it is likely to be refused.Be prepared to numerous inspections and interviews.

And a few more options to move to live in the United States:
  • programs for refugees.It will require proof that you are oppressed in their homeland.Minus - it is difficult to go back.
  • Program Work & amp;Travel, ideal for students aged 18 to 23 years.You can travel and work simultaneously.
  • If you are a businessman and willing to invest in the US economy, the amount of one million dollars or more, you will get a visa easily.
  • US regularly provides visas for people who have extraordinary ability in the sciences, culture, arts and sports.

better to abandon the illegal methods of crossing the US border and obtain a residence permit illegal means.deportation probability is very high.Opportunities to move to the United States without disrupting law very much, so it's best not to risk it.