November 09, 2016 00:04

Where to relax cheaply.How to relax cheap

For those who want to relax cheaply, travel geography is diverse.And not necessarily sacrifice the comfort of the hotel, or the first line of the beach near the sea.Purchase tickets at the beginning or end of the season for a particular country.During the summer, cheap hotels in Turkey, Tunisia, Bulgaria, Egypt, and tours to Sweden and Finland.

If you have limited finances, it is better not to leave the country.In Russia, a lot of beautiful places worth visiting.Anapa, Adler, Sochi, Gelendzhik open all year round.In recent years become a popular place near the Seliger lake with clear water, clear forests and spacious meadows.

At all times, the most popular, inexpensive and were still tours to Egypt and Turkey.With the system "all inclusive" can be nothing to worry about.Most low cost regions of Turkey - Antalya, Alanya, Side, and Egypt - Marsa Alam, El Gouna, Hurghada.

Nature Bulgaria - it is the Black Sea coast, mineral springs, mountains.Tourist infrastructure is undeveloped,
so the price of food, low transport.Of the attractions in Bulgaria can be viewed Srebarna reserve, Rila Monastery, the National Park "Pirin".

Tunisia is attractive for tourists due to the thalassotherapy services, where technology is not different from the European, but is much cheaper.But the five-star hotels in Tunisia, there is little, the service leaves much to be desired.However, those wishing to relax at a very attractive price does not decrease from year to year.

Fishing and swimming in quiet lakes, ancient churches, charming villages and hour flight lovers of secluded relaxation.Tourists prefer to visit Finland in the winter to celebrate New Year's unusual and relax in the ski resorts.

It can swim and bask in the sun six months of the year, one of the most southern European countries - Greece.As a result of a prolonged economic crisis, the cost of living has gone down, prices for accommodation in a hotel, meals are much cheaper.The unique nature of Sithonia resorts of the Kassandra peninsula, interesting tours will leave many pleasant experiences.

choosing any direction, do not forget about the "burning stages".Special offers from tour operators in the visa-free countries, where it is possible to gather a couple of days, are considered the most successful in financial matters.