November 09, 2016 00:04

How to take the child abroad .How to prepare for a trip with the child abroad .The article tells about what documents needed for the export of the child abroad .

If you're going to go beyond the limits of Russia to the minor child, to the need to prepare the trip thoroughly.

1 Minimum number of documents required when the child is flying with mom and dad.If the child is under the age of 14, his picture can be pasted into your passport the old model.Having a record of the children in the passport is not enough - you want to be sure to photograph.Paste a photo child in a biometric passport, you can not.Hence, it is necessary to issue a passport for the child.

Making old-style passport is cheaper than a new one.Given the fact that the child is growing rapidly and appearance changes, it is better to receive the old-style passport.In addition, upon receipt of the biometric passport of the child need to be taken to the Federal Migration Service department and photograph it there with the help of special equipment.Making the "old" passport, enough to attach photos and documents to the application.

If a child is traveling to the CIS and far abroad
with their parents, guardians or caregivers, needs proof of relationship.These documents include a birth certificate, or trusteeship.Take care of the visa.In some countries it is made when entering the country.Most countries require a Schengen visa.

When a child is traveling with one parent, the current legislation does not provide for a permit for the export of the child from the second.This theoretically.Practically, the customs may encounter misunderstandings, and to prove their rights, you will need time.If there is such confusion advise border guard explore article FZ №114.However, the look after the aircraft flies, it is better to err.In addition, not every country allows entry without the permission of the other parent - such as Spain and Greece.

If you get permission for removal of the child from the other parent is not possible, necessary documents that confirm this.This can be:
  • death certificate;
  • information about his disability or that he is listed missing or convicted;
  • documents confirming the status of the mother - single.

In addition, you will need a copy of marriage certificate, when the parents have different surnames.Check with the consulate of the country to which you are going to whether the translation of documents is required.The translation shall be certified by a notary.

One parent may prohibit child export to another country.This often happens when a child is going to take for permanent residence.In this case, the problem is solved in court.

If the child goes accompanied by relatives, teacher, coach, to the package of necessary documents will include:
  • passport of the child;
  • visa;
  • permission of parents or guardians;
  • copy of birth certificate, certified by a notary.

Going with a child on a journey, or by sending it to rest with the accompanying, try to foresee everything - to get acquainted with the rules of entry into a foreign country and in advance to prepare the necessary documents