November 10, 2016 00:05

How to obtain a Schengen visa to the pensioner .Features a Schengen visa for pensioners

Travel - one of the most exciting and joyful events, which can give yourself a man.To trip was comfortable and according to plan, you need to carefully plan in advance all its aspects, including the visa.If you have reached retirement age, a Schengen visa will be slightly different from the standard set of documents.

To begin to determine in which country you are going to spend most of the trip time, and open it in a Schengen visa.If you select one country is not possible, get a pass in the first, which will cross in the journey.Open invitation for visa easier, if you can, try to get it.

Before going to the appropriate embassy, ​​prepare the following documents: passport, a copy of all pages of a regular passport, certificate of employment (indicating length of service, salary and vacation period).At the embassy you will be given questionnaires - fill them and make color photos (the number and size of the check with the visa application center).

Pensioners must provide a cop
y of the pension certificate and confirm their financial position.Make this will help bank statement confirming that account, proof of the presence of the car, an apartment or other property.Be sure to describe your tourist route.Provide booking confirmation, copies of tickets and any confirmation of your planned route.

out health insurance premiums in the amount of not less than 30 000 euros.Next, you need to pay the visa and service fee (the amount varies depending on the country).Before going to the visa center, carefully read the list of required documents to the official website of the institution, or directly from a representative of the institution.

After completing all formalities have to wait solutions.It takes the process from five days to two months.Condition statements can be tracked through the official website, an alert can come in the form of SMS.

most correct solution is to initially contact the embassy for a list of the necessary documentation and information on how to conduct the procedure.Open Schengen visa pensioner is as simple as the rest of the applicants, the main thing - to observe all formalities.Have a nice trip!