November 03, 2016 00:02

How to connect internet in the village .Internet connection options in the village

Currently, the number of Internet users is growing inexorably.If the cities the vast majority of people - the permanent users of the network, in small towns, villages and hamlets, many only dream about connecting to the World Wide Web.This is due to some connectivity difficulties, such as lack of coverage, the high cost of equipment.

First, we should explore all possible offers (feed-in tariffs, the cost of the necessary equipment, the monthly fee) on the interests of the region and connectivity options, including:
  • cable connection (fiber optic or cable network);
  • wireless connection (WiFi, mobile phone, 3G-modem);
  • satellite Internet.

most reliable, stable and fast method is to connect via fiber optic cable.If there is such a proposal, it is worth to use it, even though the cost of connection is quite expensive for a particular locality.Wired network cable for fiber speed not inferior, but still be less reliable way.The disadvantage of this method - in the areas of air cabling durin
g a lightning storm occurs the probability of failure of network equipment from static electricity.

If on the territory of the village there is a telephone line, it can also be used to connect to the Internet by connecting to her computer through an ADSL-modem, and ordering the service of access to the Internet from a telephone operator.

Sometimes because of the specific areas or distances much easier and cheaper to connect to the Internet using wireless devices using Wi-Fi technology.However, in this case the drawback is potentially unstable due to signal interference.The cheapest option - to connect to the Internet via the mobile operator.To do this, buy a special modem or a mobile phone that can act as a modem.Connect via operator service of access to the Internet.Note the quality of mobile communication towers signal.

sided and two-sided satellite Internet (SI) - Great for remote from urban settlements, but he and most expensive, becauseprovides far not cheap to purchase equipment, as well as its installation and configuration of qualified staff.For the functioning of bilateral CI user purchases a satellite antenna, transmitter and receiver units, as well as a satellite terminal.Unilateral SI provides for the satellite card (DVB-card), satellite dish installed and it converter amplifier.

for a final decision weigh the advantages and disadvantages of each option and choose the most suitable.