November 03, 2016 00:02

What if I do not come into contact .Blocked access to Vkontakte

from time to time, users of social networks have complained that it is impossible to go to the site VKontakte.Most often, the reason should be sought in your own computer.Consider how to unlock access to the site.

If you suddenly asked to send a text message to login to your account VKontakte, in no case do not do it.You wound up in the virus system and it needs to be "treated".To do this, open the folder on drive C «Windows».Next, open the «system32» folder, it «drivers», then «etc» and eventually «hosts».

Usually the hosts file does not open just click on it.To open it, click on the right mouse button and select "Open With ...".Open with notepad.Regardless of what is written there, you will find the important lines, which would mean « »or« ».Remove them, save the changes to the file.

Often the virus is blocking the opening of the hosts file.To get around this obstacle, start the computer restarts.While the computer starts to turn on, press F8.After the lab
el, click on the "Safe Mode".After the computer, try to repeat the above with the file hosts.After the performed operations, restart the computer again.

If the hosts file you did not find suspicious lines or removing them does not change the situation, the case in other viruses.To find them in the Start menu, select "Search", "Files and Folders", "My Computer".In the search box enter the alternate phrase «vkontakte.exe »,« svc.exe ».Finding these files, delete them.Restarting the computer.

happens that reason it is impossible to get on the site Vkontakte lies in your browser.Try to change it, such as Mozilla or Opera on Google Chrome.

from time to time carried out engineering work on the site.Therefore, any time you can not go.In this case, the same problem will be with your friends.

Check the connection to the Internet.Go to other sites and see if they are open.If you use a computer at school, university, work, find out whether access to social networks in the organization is is often blocked.

In addition, you can block the site administrators for spamming or other violations of the rules of the site.In this case, wait a couple of days or try to regain access by following the instructions on the site VKontakte.

Remember that for correct operation not only the site Vkontakte, but also the functioning of the computer in general, you should install a quality anti-virus, which will promptly block the virus attempts to penetrate into your system.