November 03, 2016 00:02

How to create a corporate e-mail .Instructions for creating corporate e-mail with Google

own corporate e-mail - an important tool in any company.It is intended for the interaction within the company and with customers / partners.Organization and support for corporate e-mail you can do by yourself, hiring IT-specialists and to buy the necessary equipment, or to outsource - with any hosting provider that provides such services.The second option is easier and cheaper, it is optimally suited for small companies.Let's examine how to create corporate email on

1 First you need to go through a simple registration in the Google Apps for Work.The first step is to fill in information about yourself and your company.Keep in mind that under the working email address.mail means your existing mailbox, and not desirable.

Next, specify the address of the domain.Use an existing site, if there is one, or buy a domain and use his name.In this manual, for example, taken the domain name « ».

In the last step of registration in the Google Apps you need to provide your
name, to be used with your domain name in the email address, password, and confirm your registration.For example, take the admin name, corporate e-mail address respectively, will appear as «admin @ ».

Done!Registration is over and you are automatically a page of the administrator console.Your corporate email set up.If you want to learn more about the Google email service work, use the certificate.

For further work you first need to confirm your ownership of the domain.To do this it is best to use step by step wizard settings (button in the form of a gear wheel in the upper right corner - "Settings").

Then you can add other users to the corporate mail network by specifying their names, as well as assigning them a mailbox address.Do not forget to connect to Gmail to those users.Each of them will have when you first log in to your account through a simple verification process.

As the trial of Google Apps for 30 days, for the further work of corporate mail network have to go to the admin console in the section "Payment", choose the most suitable tariff plan, and following the step by step instructions to set uppayment system.

presence of corporate e-mail provides a number of advantages: reliability (eliminates the risk of losing access to your account and information leakage), convenience (all employees are on the same network and for mass distribution do not need lists of personal mailboxes) and, in addition, the name of the companyas a domain name is a reference to your brand in any correspondence and promote the company, and on business cards will look more solid.