November 03, 2016 00:02

How to recharge Skype .How to make money on the account in Skype

If you have access to the Internet account owners on Skype (Skype) can make free calls to your relatives, friends or business partners around the world, in particular with the use of video.Furthermore, they can exchange various messages and files.However, more and more people are beginning to replenish their account on Skype for many other important functions, including the ability to call landlines or cell phones anywhere in the world, send SMS-messages, forward incoming calls to any landline or mobile number, to gain access to the wirelessconnection to the internet in a public Wi-Fi networks, which is charged for more than two million worldwide.

Buy Credit on Skype can be on the network, in the Skype or purchase a voucher at the store partner.For owners of the products provided SkypePremium many other options refill.To determine which method is best for your particular situation, go to the Skype support page and look under the country where you are.

2 Click once on the name of the countr
y and in the list that appears, select the means by which you prefer to deposit money into the account.

One of the simplest and most affordable ways to recharge in Skype - via the Internet on your computer.Go to the Skype payment page and select the amount of deposit.It is also possible to activate the automatic refill for the amount you specify when the balance is less than $ 2.00, - this place a check mark in front of that line.Click on the "Continue" button.

Next, the system will require user authorization.Log in to Skype, using the username and password, or Microsoft accounts or Facebook.If you have already entered into Skype on the site the day before, skip this step.

next step - the introduction of calculated data: write your name, address and zip code - and go to the "Continue" button.In the right pane, there is a hyperlink "Change Order", clicking on which you will proceed to step 3 of these instructions and you can change the amount of deposit.

Select a payment method, and tick the adoption of the "Terms of Use Skype».You still have a chance to change the order, referring to the panel on the right.Click "Continue" and proceed in accordance with further instructions depending on the payment type that you have chosen.

Another pretty comfortable option refill - most of Skype.Sign in to your account and in the menu bar on top, click on the first item - «Skype».Open a new tab in your browser, and you will be redirected to the above paragraph 3.

Skype developers offer their customers a variety of options of making money at the expense of personal accounts, including bank transfers, credit card payment, a Skype vouchers, virtual money WebMoney, PayPal andetc., payment via mobile phone and others.Choose any convenient way for you to fund your account and use the full potential and set the necessary functions you on Skype.