November 03, 2016 00:02

What is Wikipedia .All about Wikipedia

In today's world, where virtual life prevails over the real, even the collector's collection of encyclopedias will not give you a full answer to the question, but in this situation to help the world-famous Wikipedia - is an encyclopedia of modern high-grade, which contains all the necessary information corresponding to various user requests.Quite difficult to call that part of human life, which can not find the information in Wikipedia.

Wikipedia has occurred on the basis of other modern encyclopedia Nupedia, and the main purpose of this project was to speed up the search engine and enable any user to create their own article, thereby increasing the amount of information in the framework of the project.The name "Wikipedia" - is composed of two words 'wiki', which means fast and "Pediya" - Encyclopedia, and these two components give full meaning and direction of the project.

peculiarity of this encyclopedia that is written in 285 languages, but at the same page
in each language are not written translators and native speakers, and a completely new unique way.Thus, Wikipedia is a multifaceted collection of all kinds of information at first hand and from trusted sources only.Checking the authenticity of the information and its uniqueness comes specially created for Wikipedia Vikiskanner program that verifies the information posted by many parameters, including the lack of a similar translation of the article in a different language.

Besides the fact that Wikipedia has the full scope of information on any topic, it has a user-friendly interface, which also provides a visual brief summaries, as well as, if desired, reveals an interesting question in a wider channel, using the links on the subjectsources.Moreover, if a user has found an inaccuracy in the article, or inspired to add any missing information in any of the Wikipedia article, he can always do it yourself by clicking the "Edit" button.

Wikipedia can safely be called the only worldwide network of the Internet project, which combines the maximum amount of useful information.Wikipedia is not standing still and develops in step with the times, which corresponds to the requirements of modern life, and has a positive effect on the conversion rate to the Wikipedia Internet users.This draft is used interchangeably with such search engines as Yandex, Google, Yahoo, and is one of the most authoritative sources of information search on the topic of interest.