November 03, 2016 00:02

How to be a VC is not online .How to be invisible Vkontakte

Social networks have long been replaced by many a morning cup of coffee.But from time to time there are situations when your appearance in the popular online network Vkontakte undesirable.In this case, do not deny yourself the pleasure to listen to music, watch movies or read the desired information.There are ways to "cheat" the system and remain invisible VC.

first method does not allow the use of any computer "problems."The bottom line is very simple: if you are "idle" Vkontakte more than 15 minutes, you get "offline".To do this is to go to the section of personal messages and idle time specified.At the same time again to update your online status, you can, if you go to someone else's page, or on your own profile.

The following method is available to users who visit Vkontakte through the browser Mozilla Firefox.Open a new tab and type in the address bar about: config, so you will find yourself in the settings of the browser.Locate the "Filter" section and type the network.http.redirect
ion-limit.Next, change the value of a set of 20 to 0. To do this, double click on the line that has remained.After these operations, go to your profile Vkontakte.Note that after login, you receive an error message.Ignore it.Now you can go on other people's pages anonymously until his own visit.To return visibility VC return network settings.http.redirection-limit.

users of the Opera browser can also customize the anonymity of the social network.To do this, click the Opera menu, go to the "Tools", then "Settings" - "Advanced" - "Network".In the "Network" scroll to "Enable automatic redirection".Make it inactive by removing the tick.Then you can open the site Vkontakte.Once again, after entering the login and password will be displayed an error "offline" mode Do not pay attention to it and visit the page you are interested in.You can return the settings by doing all the way the other way around.

executives often, wanting to limit the visit to "outside" employees sites, set different filters on certain sites.There are a number of sites and programs, CGI proxies, which allow to circumvent such restrictions.For example,, VkLife other.