November 03, 2016 00:03

How to add a contact in Skype.Find and add contacts in to Skype.An article on how to add new contacts to a variety of devices .

Always stay in touch with your family, relatives or business partners will help Skype.This online service allows you to communicate by sending messages, and the use of audio or video calls.It is only necessary to add interest to people in your contact list.

Finding and switch contacts for Windows and Mac.You will be able to find a person of interest by login Skype, e-mail address or first and last name.In the top left window, select the button "Add contacts" - silhouette of a man with a plus sign.In the search for lead one of the three key data.If you have trouble finding contact contact them and ask them to update your email address or user login Skype.

2 Left-click on a name or a graphic representation of the contact of interest.Then select the button "Add to Contacts."In the resulting text box, write a bit about yourself, or leave the default message.Click on the "Submit" button.

Now Skype user will be included in the general list of your contacts.After receiving the request by
the user, you can send free messages and calls him.As long as it does not satisfy your request, instead of the icon's status will be visible to a question mark.

search and inclusion of contact for Windows 8. Running Skype, locate and select the application "Users".Click on the icon "Adding contacts" and perform similar to that described in the previous council actions.The new companion will be in the status of "Offline" to the acceptance of your offer of friendship.

Skype Mobile app for your iPhone or Android devices have virtually all the major features of the desktop version.Press "Menu".Select the "Add people".Enter the Skype user data and click "Search".Finding the right person, select "Add contact" icon.Here also there is the possibility of a small mandrel messages to you might know.Sending your contact information, wait for confirmation from the interlocutor.

search procedure and add new contacts to Skype is simple and easy, if you know the basic details of the desired subscriber.