November 03, 2016 00:03

How do I delete an account Skype.Tips to remove a Skype account

program Skype is convenient to all: the possibility of remote communication, and free distribution, and easy registration procedure.But if you want to delete your account, you will be a surprise - this possibility is not foreseen creators of Skype.So we can talk only about how to remove personal information from your profile.

1 Start with a user photo.It simply will not work to remove an option - replace personal photo to any picture.To do this, locate the Skype menu item "Personal data" and "Change my avatar."You can upload an image from your computer, or by closing the finger webcam, make a black image and then click "Use this image".

Then again go to the Skype menu and select "Edit my data".In order to get access to all the information entered in the user's profile, click on "Display full", delete the data in each of the fields where it is possible.As a result, must remain only login.

3 Now you need to clear the list of contacts.To do this, select a contact, right-click, and then
click "Remove from contacts" in the context menu.

I would like to leave it at that, but that's not all.In addition to personal data, Skype keeps a history of your correspondence.To remove it, open the program settings window via the "Tools" menu.On the left side of the dialog box click on the "Settings chat" and then click "Open advanced settings" in the right part of the window.Next you need to click the "Clear History" and change the default settings for the preservation of history - change it to "Do not save."Save your changes.

The Skype menu, click Output, and more do not come under this login.You can also delete your username, which appears in the Welcome window - press Win + R and type «% appdata% \ Skype» (without the quotes), select your user name from the list of accounts and click "Delete."

All that can be done.From search your username will disappear after a couple of weeks, calls and messages will not come, and the complete removal of the account from the database occurs through an indefinite period of time.