November 04, 2016 00:02

How to download WhatsApp ?.Where to download WhatsApp?

Communication via short text messaging has long been the norm, but the emergence of such programs, instant messengers, such as, WhatsApp with its more features, has made a long-awaited diversity.To join multiple users WhatsApp, you need to download and install Messenger.

program is multiplatform.This means that WhatsApp is available for owners of iPhone, Nokia, Android smartphones and BlackBerry.Download messenger will not cost you a penny, as the transmission of messages of any supported formats except for online payment.The symbolic fee for the use of the software package is provided only one year after the installation of WhatsApp.

Since the messenger does not disappear from the list of the most popular programs, it is easy to find in the App Store and Play Market.To install the program you need to connect to the Internet from your device, preferably via Wi-Fi, and find WhatsApp in the "Contact" section.

You can do otherwise: download the installation file from the official s
ite, and then copy it to your smartphone and start the installation process.Carefully check which file you want to download - you need to choose the version of WhatsApp, designed specifically for your device.

Perhaps I download and install WhatsApp for the PC?For some reason, the program developers do not consider it necessary to release the official version for the PC.Therefore, those who want to have a messenger on your computer, you can offer the following options.

Go on a simple way, and to find the network version of WhatsApp for the computer, adapted for the major operating systems.By the way, accessible and in Russian.

Either install the Android emulator and download the installation file for Android from the official site.Then you need to open the apk-file using the simulator and complete the registration process.The only difference from the standard procedure of registration will be impossible to send an SMS to confirm.To still get the code, click on the "Call me" - and you will hear the dates of your figures in Russian.

installed WhatsApp program immediately ready for use, and you do not even have to look for new friends, because all your friends who are already using WhatsApp, will appear in the contact list automatically.