Which hotel to choose in Spain.

Spanish resorts are among the best in Europe.Every year hundreds of tourists spend their holidays on luxurious beaches or skiing.You will find excellent service, matchless cuisine, fine wines and excellent living conditions.

Hotel 1 *.Provide only the most necessary services.They are suitable only for the night, at other times there is simply nothing to do.Each room is equipped with a bed, a wardrobe and a chair.Guests are provided with soap and towels.Telephone and TV are present in the hall on the first floor.Among the hotels of the first category we have received very good reviews Plaza Real, Carrer del Carme and Passeig Picasso.All of them are located in Barcelona.In other regions of Spain such hotels are very few.

Hotel 2 *.Hotels are equipped with a bar and a lift.This category is not very different from the first, but the service is more qualitative.Flamingo Club Apt and Don Juan Center is located in the popular resorts are perfect for families.Don Juan Center is located very close to the night entertainment places, so it is for young people to be the ideal option.Saga is also ideal for youth recreation, as located in the center of the bustling tourist area.

Hotel 3 *.Apart from the basic facilities, each room is equipped with a table for accessories and radio.The more expensive rooms are equipped with a TV and other amenities.Towels changed every day and bed linen - twice a week.the third category of the hotel include meeting rooms, currency exchange, Spa-salons, etc.Golden Taurus Park and Florida Park Santa Susanna ideal for a beach holiday.Complete and comfortable stay will provide Best Maritim Ex Maritim Princess.

Hotel 4 *.Rooms are cleaned twice a day.In each of them there is the phone, gel and shampoo, conditioner, mini-bar.Prominent representatives of the fourth category are Mare Nostrum Cleopatra Palace and Gala.Spend a relaxing holiday can be in the Jardin Tropical.This hotel will provide you a peaceful atmosphere in a garden with palm trees and a relaxing murmur of the waterfall.The hotel is situated close to many places of entertainment.

Hotel 5 *.The complex is necessarily present car park and a conference room.Each room is equipped with all comforts, up to the last detail.The hotel provides exclusive services, such as apartments with a personal staff, golf club, private swimming pools, etc.Iberostar Grand Hotel Anthelia is located on the ocean.It is equipped in such a way that the guest with any queries will be superb.Representatives of this class are also the Costa Adeje Gran Hotel and Jardines De Nivaria.

Rating hotels in Spain is determined not only by the stars.The country has so far are analogues hotels.For example, the Refugio is a simple hostel.Foundation is a small hotel, which is sometimes offered food.Pensionesom called a former hotel which has lost its rating.Paradores - is the highest level of hotels that are endowed with luxury apartments and are located in castles or mansions.They are made in a classic country style.

huge number of hotels are located in Spain.To start with the resort that you would like to visit.Then plan your budget and think about how much money you are willing to spend on a hotel.On this basis, take an educated decision.