November 04, 2016 00:02

How to install Skype.How to download skype

Skype - an application to communicate with a computer or other communication devices.This software is free, though in it and there are paid features.Many sites offer to download the installation files for it, but it is recommended to download all the programs only from official site developers.

Visit.Choose one of the options on the home page:
  • click «Download Skype», to go to the download version of the program for the Windows desktop;
  • or the top menu, select "Load";
  • the same link at bottom of pages where you can directly select your operating system.

In the first case, the download of the installation file automatically.In the second - on the next page, manually select the device to which you want to set a Skype, for example, a tablet ( Kindle Fire HD, Android, iPad, modern Windows ), mobile phone ( Android, Windows Phone, Nokia X, iPhone or BlackBerry ), a computer (Windows, Mac, Linux), television, home phone with built-in Skype and others. Click on button "Download Skype for

In the third case, select the desired operating system in the next page, check the list of functions of the program and to apply, click on «Skype for ...".

download files to install Skype are small - up to 25 MB. If you have problems downloading, then:
  • try using a different browser;
  • cancel the blocking of pop-up system;
  • close or suspend the activity of all programs that may adversely affect download speed.

Run the downloaded file and follow the prompts:
  • open access to the application to make changes;
  • select the setup language;
  • the program to start automatically when you turn on the device, check the box next to «Launch Skype at startup";
  • read the terms of use and click «I agree / on";
  • set a tick in the appropriate lines, if you want to take advantage of additional components (search engine Bing, Click to call);
  • click "Next" button.

After installation is complete, the program will start on their own, to start using the app to communicate with family, friends or co-workers, sign in with your credentials or register.