November 17, 2016 00:07

How to spend time in St. Petersburg.

many Favorite tourist destination - a trip to the "cultural capital" of Russia St. Petersburg.The city is famous for its large number of sights, culture, damp weather and the white nights.Opportunities to have a good time here abound.The main thing to determine the preferences and choose a direction.

Those interested in history, architecture, ancient monuments should be included in a tour of the Hermitage, the Admiralty, Alexander Column, Yusupov House and museums, which are in St. Petersburg, a huge amount of, for example, house-museum of Pushkin.

If you are interested in the history of religion, be sure to check the State Museum of the History of Religions.The continuation of this route is St. Isaac's Cathedral, and then you can listen to the service in the Kazan Cathedral, visit a free guided tour in the Church of the Savior on Blood.Completion of the route - the most northern Buddhist temple near the metro station "Old Village".

Fans Peter military and revolutionary history
can explore the famous Winter Palace, a visit with a guided tour cruiser Aurora, see a lot of interesting exhibits in the Museum of Artillery.Be sure to include this route Historical and Memorial Museum "Smolny".

Peter - a paradise for lovers of cultural and leisure activities.It is only necessary to pre-book tickets to the most famous theaters: Mariinsky, Small, Alexandria.Fans of jazz music in the jazz cafe GFC, there is improvisation play their best musicians of the city.The supporters of modern art recommend Loft Project "Floors" on Ligovsky Avenue.

visitors "northern capital" that come with children, we can recommend to visit some interesting places.Please go to the Oceanarium.In it you will see bright children entertainment, lots of marine life.Then visit the cafe "Cat's republic" - the first coffee shop in Russia for pussies amateurs Piterlend Water Park - one of the largest in Russia and the Planetarium to go to space travel.

you want to arrange a fabulous holiday and the children, then visit the "Divo-Ostrov" - an amusement park on Krestovsky.Here on weekends and weekdays directs a large number of visitors with children and youth companies.All attractions are divided into zones: "extreme", "family", "children".There is a shooting range, you can ride a horse.

lovers to relax in the open air, preferring dynamic entertainment, enjoy paragliding.If we combine this service with a guided tour, then fly over St. Petersburg, will not only get a shot of adrenaline, but also learn something new about the city.Play a game of paintball in St. Petersburg have special paintball clubs.Ride horses, communicating with them inspire you.To do this, there are: the Arena, Ponds and other clubs.

If you want to not only dine, but also sit in a fancy restaurant or a coffee shop, which are able to surprise visitors with the location, menu and interior design, then these places enough: Coffee Shop "great coffee" is located in the presentgrotto restaurant "wop" - on the roof of the building, you can walk and admire the views, floating restaurant "Regatta", the restaurant "The Green room" - on the 3rd floor of the Loft Project "Floors" and cafe "The attic of the artist" - on open loftfrom there a beautiful view of Griboyedov canal.

In good weather, the summer mandatory event - boat trip on the canals and rivers of St. Petersburg.Of the many routes of the most interesting takes on the Griboyedov Canal, Kryukov Canal, the Moika.Sailing under picturesque bridges, you can see the attractions that are difficult to get around on foot.

Fans of nightlife will also get their share of fun here.You can list a lot of night clubs and bars of Peter: "Fidel", "blizzard", "Griboyedov", "Dacha" and others.Deep in the night life does not end here, but only begins.

to spend a romantic evening in St. Petersburg, take a walk on foot, the city even more beautiful at night, enjoy the divorce of bridges.Enjoy the full effect of this can be at the Palace and Admiralty Embankment to 1.30 nights.The warm summer air, the white nights, musicians on the waterfront will make the night unique.

can not choose the direction?St. Petersburg - surprising city itself and attractions in him at every step.Just step out of the hotel and go where his feet are, no impressions will not stay.City Museum of beauty, history, culture and art creates a desire to return to it again and again.