November 30, 2016 00:17

How to paint a wooden box .Five stages of painting wooden windows

Technology Restoration window frames depends on the condition of wooden constructions and requires high-quality execution of certain operations.

1 Getting Started

right time for painting the windows - a warm spring day, when there is no rain and the sun is not too bright.For repair of wooden frames in various stages of operation using the following items:

  • Building a hairdryer;
  • Grinder;
  • hammer, a chisel;
  • spatula, scraper;
  • Sandpaper;
  • Masking tape;
  • brush and rags;
  • Utensils for paint;
  • brushes, screwdrivers.

When preparing to replace wooden glazing beads and small nails.For surface treatment compositions are used:

  • Primer antiseptic;
  • putty for wood;
  • paint or varnish for windows;
  • solvent.

Valves and fittings as possible is removed, pull the glass or close the paper with adhesive tape.The old coating of wooden parts of brushes, for which there are three ways to remove paint.

Sealing cracks and fissures

appear after cleaning surfaces conceal defects putty for exterior use.Co

mposition based on acrylic coated with thin layers of a few approaches.If you are planning a transparent finish, putty selected by the tone of wood or stained color scheme.Repair mixture can be prepared independently of the epoxy glue and fine sawdust.

Sanding surfaces Sanding

always carried out in two stages: first pass a large sandpaper (№80), then the surface is "adjusted" fine-grained sandpaper (№120).Grinding operations in the preparation used repeatedly:

  1. After removing the old paint, wood is treated completely.
  2. During Defects cleaned each layer at the site of the composition.After
  3. shpatlevanija grind the entire surface of the window frame.
  4. Read the small pile that rises after treatment with wood preservative.


frame impregnation composition of the soil to protect wood from rotting and reduces paint consumption and improves its grip.The surface is wiped with a damp cloth from dust, degreased and removed traces of resin.The primer is applied with a brush, rubbed thoroughly liquid in the fiber direction.

Painting wooden window

paint for the first pass bit diluted to better closure of wood pores.Normal consistency - when the enamel does not flow like water, and easy to apply evenly.Finish operate thicker dry paint on the surface.Brush dipped half and spending on the edge, leave the surplus in the bank.First, paint a wooden box on the outside, using a tool to smooth surfaces and thin for the corners.Brush make overlapping strokes from the bottom up, leaving no streaks.The protective paper and adhesive tape is removed immediately to prevent damage to the paint layer.

well done paint lasts 5-7 years, does not require annual renewal and increases the service life of wooden windows.