December 01, 2016 00:09

When the white mustard seed .Why sow mustard .This article provides information about why the beds white mustard sown and at what time to do it.

No matter how good mineral and organic fertilizers, many gardeners are switching to ground mustard fertilizer ... in recent years.I do not mean sprinkling of ground mustard powder, and its cultivation on beds of green bushes.Once the plant grows to a certain size, but even before it blooms, the land with the young shoots dug.As a result, all the beds are enriched with useful substances that have accumulated in the mustard.The common name of green manure - "green manure", a brilliant representative of which is white mustard.

Why use it for upgrading soil mustard?Because that's what this plant is able in a very short period of time (one month) to build up a large green mass and accumulate a huge amount of organic matter and mineral trace elements.The mustard many essential oils that repel from the garden all pests: wireworms, slugs, moth, aphids.But earthworms mustard after digging, on the contrary, draws.Recent feed its decaying roots and leaves and the ground is well loosened.

mustard can be sown in any soil, particularly recommend doing on depleted and saline.Spread the mustard and may be in early spring and after harvest.For her good germination and increase the greenery should be regularly watered by sprinkling.Mustard thrown on the beds, where in the future will be grown all the vegetables except the cabbage.These two plants belong to the same family Cruciferae, which are not used as precursors.

spring sadite white mustard at the end of April, when the earth has warmed slightly and still be wet after the snow melts.In wet soil the plant will rise already in 3-4 days.You can not be afraid of frost, which at this time are still on the ground.Mustard sprouts absolutely calmly tolerate temperatures as low as -4 degrees.Spread the mustard in a well dug in the autumn of soil, and after planting necessarily zaboronite her rake.sowing rate: 120-150 g of seeds per 1 sq.m.It is more convenient to plant mustard in rows, like those which you do for carrots.Optimum width between rows - 15 cm. Mow the mustard in a month and a half, when it reaches a height of 20-25 cm the crop Green leave on beds and dig together with its roots..For a better fermentation of green mustard and rhizomes before digging the soil treated with any drug-EM: Baikal, Radiance, BakSib.

autumn mustard it is advisable to plant after digging up potatoes - usually in August-a month.At this time, the weather is still warm, and mustard can be quite a good increase green mass.At the same crop on the next day after the potato harvest, when the ground is still wet.Autumn shoots may be later than the spring.This is a dry soil or dry summers.In order to have time to build up a good mustard greens, watered it regularly produce.Next to it, proceed in the same way as in the spring - mow and dig.If you during the first plant, and then dug up the mustard, the earth will give you a good strong spring seedlings and a good harvest of vegetables.

Some gardeners believe that mustard in the winter do not need to dig.We offer you on this occasion to get acquainted with the opinion of experienced gardeners, who will voice their views.