December 01, 2016 00:09

Liana Perfoliate how to grow .Honeysuckle Perfoliate : care and cultivation

Liana honeysuckle (Honeysuckle honeysuckle) - long, curly bush with a magnificent, exuberant flowering and delicate aroma.Honeysuckle is widely used as a landscape decor that is able to turn the arbor or arch in the design masterpiece.

Honeysuckle delight the gardener not only delicious buds, but also unpretentious.The plant survives perfectly in any land, love and shadow, and the sun.The dry, hot period not wither nor ozhuhnet, but moderate watering and fertilizing will increase the number of flowers and will give intense color.Besides vine growing rapidly: with good care for 1 year bush "creeps" up to 2 meters.And honeysuckle honeysuckle is famous for the variety of varieties, resistant to frost and various flowering period from mid-spring until the first frost.Colouring of inflorescences varies from pale milk to dark red.Slight minus vines - it is a short flowering for about 3 weeks, but then Perfoliate is elegant thanks to red berries in place of each flower.The fruit is not edible due to the
unusual taste, but not poisonous.

Perfoliate Honeysuckle Propagated by seeds, cuttings and layering.The process of growing from seed is very long, one seed gives a germ to a year, so the focus on convenient methods.Most gardeners advise Perfoliate propagated by layering .To do this, dig a shallow trench and the dip to escape the young vines.Cover the interstices ground and leave the leaves on the surface, pour.Rooting happen very quickly, just do not forget to moisten the soil.Each node will grow a new plant.

3 Who wishes plant honeysuckle cuttings , takes a rather sophisticated way.Please be circumcised branches after flowering.Each the handle should be at least two interstices.Then break off the lower leaves, and the upper shortened.Prepared branch placed in a bottle of water for germination or directly into the soil.When planting cuttings deepened so that the earth was a couple of centimeters above the root collar.After moisten the ground and covered with foil.Every day, the young shoots are sprayed.As soon as the bloom on the branch leaves, the film is removed.If you stalk sprouted in the bank, then spray the roots stimulating mixture before planting.Find it may be in store for gardeners.

In spring the young plants are planted in open ground.The soil is better to fertilize the humus and prevent drying.Immediately place the support near the young plants as vine Perfoliate strong winds.Perfectly suited mesh or any vertical adjustment.In the winter the soil near the roots of young vines mulch fallen leaves or hay, and branches are cut.Over the years, a beautiful bush does not require careful maintenance and easily transfers the winter without any additional thermal insulation.

Honeysuckle honeysuckle delight decades gorgeous flowering with proper care.We recommend planting a plant near the fence for a beautiful hedge.In the video, an experienced gardener will tell some nuances growing.