Yablonevaya moth , how to fight .Methods of dealing with the codling moth

Yablonevaya moth - one of the most common garden pests.Most often it affects apple trees, but in a bad year may also dwell on pears, plums, apricots, peaches.Affected fruit moth, not only lose their marketability, but also crumble, not yet dozrev.It also carries on itself viruses and bacteria, thus contributing to the development of various diseases of garden trees.

moth overwinters in the bark, fruit, and the top layer of soil in the pupal state.Once the apple trees begin to bloom, butterflies fly first, which is already in 7-10 days begin to lay eggs.After 4-10 days of these tracks appear.That moth in the larval stage is the most vulnerable.But this period lasts only a couple of hours, and then the caterpillar hides in the fruit.If the damaged apple fall, moth leave it for 1-2 days and back again on a tree on the trunk.Moth flight lasts 1.5-2 months, and all the time they lay new eggs.

As you can see, the period of greatest vulnerability pest is very short, and to determine the exact time is difficult.That is why one of the most effective methods to control codling moth - Prevention:
  • Clean of old bark from trees to remove the pupae.To prevent damage to the trunk, do it with the help of a piece of wood or plastic scraper.
  • early spring or late autumn in-depth digging the ground around trees.You can also further process the layer of soil insecticides.
  • Daily gather windfalls.Those fruits that you will not use in the food, remove from the site, or dig into the ground to a depth of at least 50 cm
  • Put different flowering plants in the garden -. It will attract insects, moth-enemies.
  • is also possible to plant tomatoes - is that they smell deters pests.

to tracks from the ground could not get to the crown, place on trunks of apple trees trapping zone.To do this, take the sack, corrugated paper or glass wool and fold in 2-3 layers.The resulting bandage width of 15-20 cm, place on a tree trunk at a height of 30-40 cm from the ground and secure with string.In order to better "catch" the upper and lower edge of the belt bend outwards.Periodically inspect protective bandages and destroy the caterpillars.To improve the efficiency of trapping bands, they can also be occasionally wet the insecticide.

for catching butterflies codling moth in the garden can accommodate food-bait traps.To fill them, you will need thick kvass, apple juice, sour compote or apple uzvar with the addition of yeast.Pour the liquid into the jar and place it in the trees, apple trees growing around.

good result given production pheromone traps.By the end of the flowering apple trees hang them inside the crown on the west side so that the end parts were turned in the direction of the main winds.It is especially important to place traps at the correct height - ¾ crowns.Make sure that the leaves are not blocked access to insects to the device.One trap is enough for 2-5 apples.

6 In the case of a large moth populations further swipe crown treatment insecticides.Effective drugs: "Atom", "Zolon", "Dimethoate", "Ditoks," "Sirocco", "Tod", "Fufanon", "Iskra M".Spraying is carried out in the period of mass emergence of larvae from eggs, that is 10-15 days after peak moth flight.During the procedure, you need to completely cover the leaves with a solution of the drug, pay attention to the top - it is a favorite habitat of moth caterpillars.After 2-3 weeks, spraying should be repeated.To preserve the ecosystem of the garden experts recommend doing repetitive processing microbiological agents and chemicals used for the first time only.

Perform complete spraying apple is often problematic, since the tree can be up to 8 m in height.That is why for the commercial cultivation of apples need to give preference to low-growing and dwarf varieties.