November 19, 2016 00:14

Where to go to rest .

In order to get a good escape from the routine of daily activities, it is necessary to change the situation.You must go, and the more - the better.To see new places, to gain impressions and positive emotions - without this in any way.And if the planet was only one place for a relaxing holiday, then no one would have asked the question: where to go to relax?Choosing a variety of options for trips, consider what is right for you.

lovers of sea travel and beach holidays have to decide how much they can spend.The most budget option is the Crimea.For a relatively low price, you can relax, see the beauty of the local scenery, breathe the fresh air, swim in the Black Sea.

will delight and affordable tours overseas - Turkey and Egypt.Here you and the sea and palm trees, and most importantly - do not need to bother about the visa.Slightly more expensive holiday in Bulgaria will be released.It is well suited as a couples and single travelers.The climate in Bulgaria is soft, a lot of entertainment
events.Travel to Greece exactly dispel all your fatigue.In this country, like not only to fans of the sea and excursions to interesting cultural monuments, but also women-women of fashion.Indeed, in Greece are so many different boutiques.

trip to Europe is filled permanently.Spain, France, Germany, Italy - select any country have a visa.Resorts in Europe - both marine and ski, depending what time of year you decide to go on a tourist trip.And you can go without vouchers.Book a place in the hotel and wander around the city.For example, see Paris - the most romantic city in Europe.

Asian countries you will enjoy the unique cuisine, local customs, exotic variety of flora and fauna, unusual buildings.China is more suited to fans of the mobile recreation, fishing, travel over water, spicy cuisine and unusual alcoholic nectar.For those who can not decide what is most important in this life, you need to go to Bali.Yoga and the presence of people with whom interesting to talk to, to help give you all the answers.In addition, in Bali great nature, good climate and surfing.

young, energetic, easy-going tour is good to go to Argentina.Here you can go skiing, visit the sandy and long beaches, enjoy delicious meat "Parish", to see how dancing tango, go to the different types of fishing.

without passports and visas can travel in 6 countries: Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Abkhazia.Even the most demanding tourists will appreciate a trip to these countries.There is a large number of interesting and amazing places.

In Russia, you can relax in the beautiful places.Especially because so many of them: Baikal, Crimea, Altai, Karelia, "Golden Ring", etc.Tourists can enjoy the Siberian mountains, waterfalls, fall into the wild corners of nature or, conversely, to relax in comfort.

not list how much the world is interesting and exciting of countries, cities, villages, towns, seas, lakes, rivers, etc.But sometimes it is enough to sit in the car, take with food supplies, fishing tackle, inflatable boat, warm clothes and go to the country.Pitch a tent on the shore of the pond to catch fish and cook soup.This relaxation perfectly helps to relieve fatigue and forget about problems.Choosing where to go on the weekend, you.