November 19, 2016 00:15

Where to go in Mytishchi .

Mytishchi - north "satellite" of Moscow.In a small area there are many monuments and other places of interest.

The city is concentrated a large number of parks, gardens and green areas in the vicinity of rivers and ponds.Of particular interest is the national park "Elk Island", which presents the diversity of flora and fauna in the area.On the territory of places for recreation and swimming in the clear water.

Central Park of Culture and Rest attracts children of all ages a variety of attractions and entertainment venues.Near the park is landscaped embankment Yauza River.Very popular in the park use - the sculpture "Family, Love and Loyalty" composition "Tree of loyalty" and light and music fountain.

favorite place of entertainment among the citizens and guests is an indoor water park "Kwa-Kwa", open all year round.Waterpark attracts a variety of slides, pools for adults and children.Every evening, held a party with show program.

cultural program in the city begins
with a visit to the Mytishchi History and Art Museum.Museum exhibits are located in seven halls, telling about the history of the region, periodically organizes exhibitions in two other rooms.You can join the art in Mytishchi art gallery, which exhibits works by professional artists and sculptors.

Mytishchi Drama and Comedy Theatre - the biggest theater in the area, who founded the graduates of the Faculty of Electronics and system-engineering of the Moscow Forestry Engineering Institute.The repertoire is vast and varied.Kids will be interested in puppet theater performances in "The Tinder Box".Even adults will be interested and will not be able to pass a fabulous type of theater.

Lovers of beer will attract informative tour of the brewery with a tasting varieties of freshly brewed beverage.A distinctive feature is the location of the brewery in an ecologically clean area of ​​the city.

in Mytishchi still a lot of interesting places: a monument to the Mytishchi water supply 8 meters high, the monument Ole Lukkoye, beautifully lit indoor pedestrian bridge over the railroad tracks.

Though the city within close reach of the capital, but here are amazing and very beautiful place.Due to its good transport interchange, easily and quickly accessible by all means of transport.