November 19, 2016 00:15

Where to go to rest in December.

If you are still afraid of the phrase "Vacation in December", then it is in vain!As long as you have at home is cold and shivering, and the mood lifts except New Year's vanity, the world is full of amazing places that await you in the days of December!

If the cold tired and I want to throw a fur coat and hat, and not a lot of money, cost is inviting Egypt to the Red Sea.Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheikh heat, of course, does not indulge - in the afternoon the air temperature around 25 degrees plus at night - much cooler.However, swimming and sunbathing is quite possible.One has only to take with them some warm clothes.

Thailand - what you need for a beach holiday of December.Here at this time, the weather is getting better, especially in the south-east of the country.It resorts such as Pattaya, Chiang, Phuket, Lanta, Phi Phi Island and others.Rains in December here - a rare phenomenon.A snow-white beaches, local flavor and rich excursion program will make this a memorable vacation.

Of the Asian destinations of Goa in December are popular, Sri Lanka, Vietnam and Bali.The air temperature and the water here is very comfortable for relaxing on the beach, as well as for active holidays such as surfing or trips to local attractions.However, in Sri Lanka at night rains, but Vietnam, which until recently was unfairly passed it by many tourists who appreciate beautiful scenery, interesting places and affordable SPA-procedures.

Paradise Maldives in December, is also a good choice for your holiday.Calm and serene life in the islands with crystal clear water and white beaches would become vivid recollection.

If you are not afraid of long distances and, therefore, expensive flights, welcome to the other end of the world, in the Caribbean - the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Cuba, Jamaica and dozens of other exotic islands.Year-round summer, so you can not worry about the weather, in December, it is likely to be favorable.The Caribbean countries are colorful national flavor and rich history.Therefore vacation here can be quite varied and rich as much as you wish.

Country perpetual carnival and festival, Brazil attracts tourists all over the world for its stunning beaches and beyond.Celebrate the New Year in Brasillian - carnival on the famous beaches of Copacabana ... What can be brighter and more exotic?However, to prepare for this rest should be in advance, as in December - this is one of the most popular routes and you risk simply does not have time to book your tickets or a hotel room.

If exotics you do not like, go to the good old Europe.She, too, has something to please you.December - a month of festivals and celebrations.Czech Republic and Germany are waiting for lovers of fairs, Christmas markets and festivals.Denmark and Belgium in December will delight beer lovers.December in these countries - "Month of beer."

Santa Claus is waiting for adults and children in Finland.Who can here not only to get acquainted with him, but also take a ride on his reindeer and husky.And also enjoy the famous open-air show.

Czech Republic, Austria, Switzerland, France, Italy, Spain prepared for you a wide ski slopes and skis with snowboards.And in the Czech Republic in Karlovy Vary can be further rejuvenate in thermal springs.

Prepare sledge in the summer - think over your vacation in advance and it will be even in December desirable and memorable!