How to plant a rose on rose.Grafting roses on rose hips

Rose - a unique flower that fits perfectly into any landscape design, and with its appearance of even the simplest garden begins to look more beautiful and richer.However, capricious plant requires careful care and a warm climate.If you want to break your own rose garden or grow some new variety, presented in a bouquet, should learn how to impart it to the rose, because it is the surest way to get strong and healthy plant.

Before you begin to explore the very grafting technology, it is worth noting some of the nuances of the process:
  • on the correct choice of the final result will depend on the period directly, best - in February and the middle of summer (July and August);
  • shrub that is best for grafting, choose from the young, preferably not more than 3 years and grown in your climate or adapted to it;
  • if he nurtured wild rose bush of the handle, it will not be a good basis;
  • select cutting width of 1 cm or more, with bark that is easily separated from the stem.

2 Select the appropriate basis.Sharing must be on the withered branch, and should not be bent, from 2 to 5 buds.Prepare the stem of wild rose, gently clean part at the very root.Now thoroughly clean rag future place vaccinations, freeing the ground (if dirt gets into the vaccination site, then it rots).Cut out the letter T on the stem: dropping the knife down to a depth of two centimeters, make a recess, and the upper layer, remove one-third the thickness of the neck.

Take a knife and lift the bark of wild rose.Now gently shove to the stalk, not too deep, so that the kidney remained outside.The resulting connection point should be rewound.For this purpose, a special tape sold in the store with the tools for the garden, or you can use a simple and tape.The difference in them is essential.It primarily is that the tape does not need a garden hereinafter respectively touch and cut the neoplasm.The plant is in process of growth itself will break her.But duct tape would have to be removed, because it is thick enough, Rose can not cope with it.

Moisten the soil around the plants resulting compound.Now take the damp earth and carefully overlaid with wild rose root cuttings.Sprinkle with the remaining land.If the whole process is made clear, the need to re-take her not.Do not wait for the end result very quickly, because it takes time to process reconstructed living in a new environment for him.The first shoots will appear only with the beginning of the following fall.Remember that it is not the best acclimatized exotic plants, and our, home.They have adapted to the climate, as well as 100% are not crammed with any chemicals.

Split your own rose garden of the favorite varieties are not so simple.But if you do not succeed on the first attempt - do not despair!Perhaps it was simply chosen the wrong time to plant or plant is not very fresh.Try again, and you certainly will succeed!