How to tie cucumbers .Methods Garter cucumbers

Cucumber - a common vegetable that is found in the beds almost any gardener.However, wanting to get a good crop, you need to be able to carefully take care of this culture.It is important to carry out the garter.We consider in detail all sorts of ways of this process and the relevance of the individual methods garter in each particular case.

Every grower knows that the garter is required to lift the "cucumber" harvest.It is a climbing plant support and good will for the future cucumbers.The main arguments in favor of such vegetable garter:
  • neighboring plants in the gardens are injured as a result of their braiding of climbing plants;
  • vegetables will get more light, which has a positive effect on productivity;
  • simplified monitoring of the plant shoots and fruits to collect would be much easier;
  • be able to eliminate the fact of rotting cucumber on the ground due to the fact that consider each fruit Cottagers will be easier.

The only thing we can note that if the plant is left to germinate on the ground, while its maintenance is simplified.But, as we can see the merits of the Garter is much greater than the disadvantages.To do this, you will need agricultural practices:

  • strips durable fabric, ranging in size from 2 to 4 cm, thinner can injure the plant.
  • iron or wooden supports.

There are three main ways of this process:
  1. horizontal garter.
  2. Vertical garter.
  3. Hybrid garter.

In addition, any of these methods can significantly reduce the area near her house, in the greenhouse, on the balcony, etc.In carrying out the following procedure when the plant will reach a length of 30 cm, in earlier periods in the sense that there is no reception.Also, it does not happen do not worry, if garter hold after the specified time.But then we need to be much more careful not to damage the already established vegetable crops.

For the garter first method (horizontal), place 2 support on both sides of the beds with vegetables and tie them strong rope in several horizontal rows.The distance between each -. The plant is about 30 cm, rising stem and mustache will alternately cling to each rope.However, having reached the last, opportunity for growth in height of cucumber limit ourselves to remain one option - to braid a rope on each side.That is why this method is most commonly used in low greenhouses and on open ground.

second method (vertical) close to the first in terms of the fact that the support also serve two metal or wooden post, about two meters high.The difference is that it is attached to the top horizontal bar for support.Now the top of the U-shaped support tie one end of the rope, the other - very gently wrap around the stem of the plant.Makes movements smoothly and gently, not to accidentally injure cucumbers.Mastic is the rope is under the first sheet of each vegetable growing.Similarly tie up the whip of each plant.This method is very successful for greenhouses.Often, as they appear in the supports of the roof elements, in which growers doing a small hole therethrough and stretch cords.Some gardeners plant stem directly tied to a peg driven into the vicinity.This is another variation of vertical suspenders.

For performance hybrid method garter place the support in the form of a pyramid, and between them pull the rope.The method is good for cucumbers planted on one circle.

Before the process of producing a garter of cucumbers, in advance, prepare all the necessary equipment - hammer pegs, cut the rope and pull.Method garter choose starting from the place of cultivation of cucumbers.For the home environment more suitable for binding to a vertical support, and you can use any of the methods listed in the open field.