How to make a flower bed at the cottage .Making a flower garden with his own hands .In this article you will learn about common types of beds and the rules of selection of plants for flower beds .

Without rich greenery and bright colors infield looks dull and uninteresting.Brighten sad picture will help correct decorated flower garden!We will tell you about the most popular types of holiday beds and the secrets of their registration.

vertical bed - ideal for compact suburban areas.In terms of economy of every square centimeter of space appropriate to use the third dimension - height.To create such unusual flowerbeds can use special containers multilevel, high racks, pots, mesh screens and even strung on steel cable flowerpots.For vertical planting on a bed and are ideal for undemanding pyshnotsvetuschie plants - petunias, pelargonium, verbena and violet tricolor.

In suburban areas with a pond, you can arrange a floating flower bed.To create such creative flower beds, most often used containers from foam or plastic.Landing capacity can be put on the anchor, or to put in freestyle swimming on the water surface.The constant high humidity perfectly by plants take root "vodohleby" - Astilbe, swamp irises, daylilies, calla, tsiperus, me-nots, buttercups.

Stylish mobile bed will help make your site a bright and original.You can use the worn-out furniture, leaky kitchen utensils, baskets full of holes, the old barrels, carts and even served their bikes for the manufacture of mobile flower beds.In the hands of the craftsman unnecessary things will find a colorful new life!

Creating a raised flower bed - the simplest and most traditional way to the transfiguration of the suburban area.Required element of flower beds - cladding.Florists recommend "settle" on the same site perennials and annuals of different varieties.The first will save you from having to break a new flower every year, every second season will bring a new touch to the usual garden composition.

Step 5
circuit design classic raised beds at the cottage:
  1. First we need to determine the location, shape and size beds.Then proceed to the layout of the future flower bed.In order to delineate the scope of the desired area, use the special marking pegs to the taut string.Mark the boundaries of beds, clear the entire area of ​​the top layer of sod 20-25 cm thick and tamp thoroughly indentations.Then, fill the prepared cavity drainage - broken bricks, ceramic shards or rubble.
  2. Then proceed with the erection of the fence.For the arrangement of the border, you can use any improvised material - from plastic bottles, wooden peg and vines up paving slabs, but fencing made of natural stone looks most impressive.Before assembly, the stone walls on the planned borders of flower beds put a layer of cement-sand mortar and gently press it into the earthy base.On the subsequent laying of the stones and use the solution.In the basement of the fence is required to insert a drainage tube.
  3. After laying the upper part of the border align the solution, sprinkle dry cement and carefully powertrowel trowel.Wall fences on both sides of double-pick the waterproofing compound (eg mastic asphalt).After that, the prepared "trough" fill beds with fertile soil, and the soil level should be just below the top of the fence boundary.The final touch - the landing of plants.

When choosing plants for flower beds, consider the climatic conditions of the region, area lighting, the possibility of regular watering, composition and soil acidity.To create an attractive lush flower garden be sure to use several types of planting material:
  • sazhentsev- as "soloists" use sredneroslye ornamental shrubs and flowers, perennials;
  • to "fill" the main part of flowerbeds choose yarkotsvetuschie annuals - marigolds, verbena, nasturtium, petunia, Mattioli;
  • ornamental grass with unusual foliage (mikantus, feather grass, Calamagrostis, pennisetum) effectively complement the overall composition of the garden.

Note!Be sure to land plants with different flowering period - so your bed will have an aesthetic decorative appearance over a long period of time.

stylish and unusual flower beds will certainly become a bright accent to your gardening area!