November 22, 2016 00:02

Where to go in Omsk .

Acquaintance with the city in which you have never been - a kind of time travel.From the past, living in the walls of old buildings, immediately get into the new world of skyscrapers, honking cars and the bustle.That appears to Omsk tourists - the city where the prison was located, and sat Dostoevsky rate Kolchak.Located between the taiga and steppe, Omsk preserved the spirit of times past, while offering visitors a variety of modern entertainment for adults and children.

Omsk - a real Klondike for those who are interested in history or culture.The most interesting historical monument is the Omsk fortress.Today remained only parts of it - Tara and Tobolsk gate guardhouse building, Lutheran Church and the commandant's house.In the last settled ATC museums and literary them.Dostoevsky.At the fortress runs a cinema where you can watch themed documentary, historical exhibitions are held.Do not pass by the Omsk Regional History Museum, the Museum of Theatre Arts, Fine Arts.Vrubel, where among other wo
rks of Russian and Western European masters, the largest in Siberia, a collection of ancient icons.

If you are not indifferent to the theater, keep in mind that many theaters in Omsk.The most famous - the oldest academic drama theater, chamber and music, drama, youth, puppet theaters.

Famous Omsk and unique architectural monuments (about 250), beautiful embankments and bridges.One should visit the Cathedral of the Assumption - the largest temple of the city, Holy Cross Cathedral, dating to the Baroque style.Both were built in the late 19th century.An unforgettable show opens at the Nativity of Christ Cathedral, the height of its dome - 40 meters.At the Alley of Writers, located on the Boulevard Martynov, 13 memorial stones are telling about famous writers and poets related to the city.In Omsk, there are original monuments: Don Quixote, Wonder Yudo Fish-Kit and plumbing Stepanych that gets right out of the hatch.By tradition during the holidays the citizens presented him a glass of vodka.

those who love nature, will appeal to a great Victory Park, where you can even get lost without a map, a natural reserve in the city "Bird Harbor" or the park of the 300th anniversary of Omsk, which has a picturesque lake.

For children at any time of the year opened amusement parks "Nb-Terra", "Europark", game centers, theaters, circus.Always worth a visit to the aquarium and the children and their parents - to enjoy the spectacle of predatory reptiles and fish swimming in the aquarium wall, jellyfish and right under your feet.Pulls in sports and games - for adults and children working Laser Tag Arena "Portal 55", where you are waiting for the real laser paintball war.

tired of sightseeing and entertainment, do not forget the souvenirs and local delicacies - mineral water and delicious condensed milk in Russia.