November 22, 2016 00:02

Where to go in Vladimir .

Vladimir - one of the oldest and most beautiful cities in Russia, was founded in 990 by Prince Vladimir.For several centuries there was the residence of Russian princes.Special city flourished in the reign of Prince Bogolyubsky.The centuries-old history has left Vladimir rich architectural heritage, which has great historical value.

City Tour traditionally begins at the Golden Gate, which are considered a symbol of the city.They were built with Andrew Bogoliubsky as the main entrance to the city.Originally the gate had oak alignments, covered with gilded copper.However, over time they have been destroyed and rebuilt.On the top floor is the gate Rizopolozhensky Gate Church, which currently houses the Museum exposition of military valor.

Outdoor Kozlov Val, leading to the river Klyazma, in a former water tower is a museum "Old Vladimir" exhibition which presents exhibits related to different periods of development of the city.On the top floor of the tower is an observation deck with specta
cular panoramic view of Vladimir and the surrounding area.

some time, Vladimir was the capital of ancient Russia, but after the loss of this status preserved the tradition of taking the throne of the Russian princes in the Assumption Cathedral, located in the city center on Cathedral Square.This is the oldest architectural monument in the image which was built and the Cathedral in the Moscow Kremlin, is famous for the fact that taking the throne prince Alexander Nevsky and Dmitry Donskoy in its walls.Inside are preserved precious frescoes - the work of Andrei Rublev.

Demetrius Cathedral, built in 1197 by Prince Vsevolod, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.The cathedral is named in honor of St. Demetrios.For the construction of the ancient masters used stone elaborately carved in the form of bizarre paintings depicting saints, princes, as well as plants and animals.

Shopping malls, construction of which was completed in 1790, was an important object of the city social life.In ancient times, they were a quadrangular building with an open courtyard.Outside his small decorated cloisters leading to the retail space.Today is preserved only the southern part of the building, has undergone significant changes.In 2006, the Nordic trade rows were discovered in this area.

Vladimir - truly a jewel of the "Golden Ring" of Russia, has preserved many architectural monuments, which annually attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world.